Why is tired pregnant woman?

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Why is tired pregnant woman?

pregnancy test calculatorPregnancy – is a special situation, which is reminiscent of the flood of new sensations arise. And these sensations – drowsiness, fatigue, emotional excitement and falling, surprise and joy – is an unusual accompanying the mysterious changes in your body that are going on. Fatigue during pregnancy … What is noteworthy and this or not?

Are you pregnant? here is your pregnancy test calculator _calculate your pregnancy due date online and easily.What was the reason, pregnant women constantly tired to complain about?
– Almost all pregnant women complain of weakness, while others – more than others – less, while others are constantly forced to fight weariness and drowsiness. The weakness is caused by the hormonal upheaval of the pregnant woman is running. In the early timing of the pregnant body of excess generating hormone progesterone, which provokes relaxation and drowsiness. In addition, the pregnant woman’s body is working extra time to get used to his new life conceived in the heart. This time increasing energy consumption, changing the speed of metabolism. Weakness also may be caused by blood pressure, iron and folic acid deficiency. In addition, this time by 50% increase in blood volume, in order to produce the proper amount of nutrients provided, but the lung volume is reduced by 20%. This means that the increase in the workload of the heart and other organs. All these changes in the body’s stress, which also can cause fatigue, weakness and drowsiness.

– When it’s obvious this feeling?
– Women often complain of weakness during the first months and close to delivery. During the first months of next mother’s body adapts to new circumstances – becomes all the system’s “reset” to the normal pregnancy, in recent months, the organism has been preparing for childbirth.

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