What kind of clothes to wear for women during pregnancy?

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What kind of clothes to wear for women during pregnancy?


pregnancy calculatorDuring pregnancy, as never before, to a woman, to look attractive. Obviously there are already happy to shine, but now we need to take care of clothes trimesters in mind.

In the first trimester pregnant usually wears clothes and linen changes only at the top, because in this period of growing tits.

The second trimester of pregnancy significantly increases the womb, pregnant increases the weight. We should focus on the free T-shirts and dresses, knitted clothes to the top.

The third trimester is a specialized clothing stores to buy.

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Carefully select the lower linen. He should be comfortable and natural fabric is sewn

Buy only rubber shorts special slot, which would get the stomach before and after childbirth. During pregnancy should not wear clothes and nothing to limit the movement pregnancy clothesof the screw. The jeans are popular for pregnant women, but not all rules are made and often abdominal pain discomfort to them. Pants overalls can be changed, which is a good alternative, because the buttons are placed on pages that can regulate the abdominal circumference increases.

Keep in mind that during pregnancy can not be wearing a red, red to buy Micro-effectiveness, especially if the legs gishupdebat.

Do not wearing bandages, as the last months of pregnancy can harm the baby bring.

Take care of comfortable shoes that protect the spinal cord in the lumbar region pain, muscle tension, and just feet from fatigue.

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