Pregnant and Summer

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Pregnant and summer

First and main: feeding
In the summer there are many fruits and vegetables. In this period they are new and therefore – especially useful. New fruits and vegetables do not actually cause allergies, so you can eat it boldly.

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If you have red, yellow and green fruit on the tray, so you have virtually all necessary vitamins. You should treat vitamins with caution. Scientists say that the overdose of Vitamins is dangerous, and allergist believe that their lack of vitamin is better. In order to provide your body with the necessary substances and the tissue in it, apply a nutritionist and enjoy useful natural food. Pregnant should not be thirsty, so be sure to drink as much as you drink. Sweet drinks stops the fluid in the body, so it is better to exclude them from the ratio. Instead, you are free to clean, filtered water.

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Water strength
in summer! All water treatment is useful for pregnant women. Swimming (only in ecologically pure water reservoirs and basins) improves circulation, reduces edema, reduces pressure and cholesterol, improves self-sensation and prepares for the delivery of the body. If the doctor does not prohibit you from traveling to the sea, we will not let you. Water temperature in the holiday season is usually acceptable, so you can swim. Salt water is supplied to the body, enrich it with useful substances. As for the mud mud baths, they should agree with their private doctor.

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Sunbathing and air spas
Pregnant women should be strictly following the following rules:
Tanning can only last 10 o’clock in the morning and after 4-5 hours in the evening.
Pay attention to the skin – during pregnancy it is more prone to pigmentation of spots.
Use only natural creams. Most of them are not contraindicated for pregnant women, but read the etiquette at least. See also How is pregnant life
Try as much as possible on the air. Sea air is very useful for the body.
It is also useful for special exercises that will maintain your mood along with physical form.
If you want to exercise the maximum benefit, please contact a specialist. The exercise should be pleasant and not exhausting. If the movement is painful, do not stop exercising.

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Cosmetics and clothes
During pregnancy, the skin actively participates in the metabolism and occasionally stimulates several times over the usual way, so be sure to stick with the balloon deodorant and cosmetic ingredients saturated with chemical components. It is much more enjoyable and pleasant, often take a shower. After that you get the body with a towel, get the air bath and wear cotton, linen or other natural material – the skin needs breathing. Pay special attention to the pants. The lower cotton swabs are the best practices for mushrooms, daily diapers (more perfumed) and synthetic pores increase the risk of inflammation. With the fear of losing many forms, the whole pregnancy is performed by gangster. Keep in mind that this toilet should make you feel comfortable and not inconvenient. If you worry, it is not necessary to wear it, especially in the heat. As you can see, the “summer” rules of pregnancy are very simple. Enjoy the sun, sea and sweet expectations.

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