9 weeks pregnant

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9 weeks pregnant

Future mother

Pregnancy 9th kviramiukhedavad to the 9th week, the body of the fetus is an important development stages of being, your pregnancy is still invisible to the external observer.

The ninth week, the last critical period beginning when the next little reacts particularly medicines, exposed to radioactive radiation and other medical intervention.

This period corresponds to the final formation of the placenta is a lengthy process (9-12 weeks of pregnancy). Therefore, caution is recommended medication and medical procedures are organized.

Ninth-tenth week, the placenta takes the form of a disk. The fetus develops the kidneys that starts excretory function of the placenta.

At this time the mother’s urine output is getting stronger and becoming very common that women discomfort. Therefore, it is desirable for the night if they avoid to be less liquid.

This is especially important during a visit to a gynecologist for examination and urine, because at such a time, the urine protein and white blood cells are not so rare.

It is therefore important for suspicion of hidden pyelonephritis (kidney infection inflammatory disease).

If you have a toxicosis, this period can dramatically lose weight, on average 2-7kg, but if you do not have a toxicosis, may be about 1-2 kg – to rise. 9th week desirable blood pressure, weight and circumference of the pelvis should be monitored regularly.

From this period, regular weight control, too many women resort to, which is not at all excessive, because weight gain is essential for normal fetal development.

If you have a toxicosis, 9th week may find relief, but in the end I was the 12-13-week released.

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Increase blood volume

Blood volume grow pregnancy  time, greatly increasing the volume of blood, approximately 45-50% of the normal volume terms, although this amount may be different for every woman.

Blood volume increase, linked to the increasing amount of blood supply to the uterus necessity. It should be noted that the volume of blood in the embryo, whose circulation is made separately, not grow. Read more:  pregnancy test calculator

Increase blood supply, protects the baby from adverse effects, and in the future, the process of childbirth, when you lose a part of the blood, the blood supply is especially important.

Blood volume begins to increase in the first trimester, reaching the highest level in the second trimester and the third continues.

Blood consists of a liquid part (plasma), red blood cells (erythrocytes) and white blood cells (leukocytes). They play an important role in the development of the organism. Their volume is growing unequal proportion, usually, are increasing the volume of plasma and red blood cells.

That’s a new red blood cells in the pits as a reason to increase the amount of iron in the body requires.

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Plasma and red blood cell volume ratio – the number is hematokrituli, her hemoglobin concentration is called. It is used to determine the level of anemia. This level is usually women varies from 37-44 in the frame.

During pregnancy, increases the plasma and red blood particles of the plasma generated more quickly, and this can cause a reduction in the number of hematokrituli, which cause anemia, anemia in pregnant called anemia. If hematokrituli number of below 37 arrives, it’s guaranteed themselves anemia.

Pekhmdzimeeb anemia with fatigue, nausea and general weakness causes.

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Anemia pregnancy developed anemia, maternal mortality in women is believed to be one of the reasons. Such a trial of labor for women with large amounts of blood loss is very dangerous.

In addition, anemia associated with premature birth and a dead fetus (perinatal death).

Childbirth women lose an average of 450 ml of blood, this number can be doubled in case of caesarean section.

Therefore, to avoid anemia during pregnancy, this is necessary, otherwise, the mother can be a serious problem and is likely to face a blood transfusion even take longer.

Some women did not realize that anemia, because it can occur without symptoms.

In general, symptoms of anemia, weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, gulisqra. Very often trophic changes may occur, which is caused by lack of iron-containing enzymes.

Anemia may be the result of hair loss, brittle nails, cracks in the corners of the mouth, nose and down triangle khelisgulebisa jaundice. As well as involuntary urination and stomach action.

Possible exotic gastronomic traits, such as chalk, eraser to eat, strong smelling smelly fluids desire.

Strong anemia may develop heart failure, increased heart rate, swelling, blood pressure falling.

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Anemia prevention and treatment plays an important role in the diet.

Widespread misconception that anemia priority should be given iron-containing fruits and vegetables (apples, pomegranates, carrots and so on, investigation etc.).

Of course these products are important and useful (and not only for anemia), but in fact the primary role should be given to meat, because meat from the body absorb iron, 6%, while the herbal products from this figure is 0.2%.

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Metal body points

Iron organism pregnancy  points in time, the iron-containing foods (meat, liver, spinach, mangoes, oranges, apples, fresh cabbage, buckwheat, pomegranate, etc.), as well as prenatal vitamins and iron tablets is extremely necessary.

If you are taking iron tablets in the form of the daily norm of 60 mg, the same amount of iron contained in prenatal vitamins.

However, if the mother suffers from anemia, preferably double the dose, but do not decide to do it alone, do not start self-treatment and coordinated this issue with your doctor.

If the iron has not been assimilated by the body, it can stomach disorder, or vice versa, cause constipation

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Vein Extension

This period begins to noticeably increase your figure. Blood volume will increase due to more visible veins in the abdomen, legs and breast areas.

Well look at your chest, if the notice of subcutaneous veins (blue grid form), it means that your blood vessel walls tend to spread (traditionally this disagreement occurs at a later time).

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Do not worry at this time, it is better to take precautions to avoid excessive expansion of veins:

»Adjust  (bra), which is conveniently gas and contributes to the normal functioning of your breast.

»Try to avoid excessive weight lifting and abdominal stretching.

»Long standing or sitting veins contribute to the expansion, so it is better to ride, do not stay long in one position.

»If the firewall or tsevkhart a long time, try to keep the legs raised, elevated position enabled.

»Each bathing regularly get cool shower, rinse it off with cold water over the entire body in the following order: The feet nakutali, thighs, buttocks, arms after – from shoulders to wrists, at the end of the abdomen, chest and back. It is good, if any such procedure, the body sheimshralebt rough towel.

»Take your doctor’s advice, a special elastic stockings or tights of the ride. This means facilitates the movement of blood vessels, resulting in subcutaneous veins relax.

»Do not forget vitamin preparations, vitamin С and Р strengthens the walls of blood vessels and prevents the expansion of veins.

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Abnormal development of the fetus

The future impact of maternal fetal development every  mother during pregnancy are worried about the issue of whether his future a little healthier.

Usually, it’s the basis of it, because of a congenital defect of the newborn is a rare phenomenon.

Nevertheless, it would be, if you understand the things that can cause a child’s birth defects and how it can be avoided.

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Teratologiis (embryology that studies the development of anomalies), the incidence of harmful defects exact or approximate 50% of the causes of the less well-known.

Midwives and gynecologist, who are watching the pregnant women, are often asked about the substances, which may become the cause of the anomaly.

There are substances for which there is no doubt, but studies of their harmful effects, has not yet been proven.

Yet it can be said that some of the substance – teratogeni, leads to serious defects in the case, if their impact on the fetus, its development becomes critical moments. But other times, they do not make a serious impact.

Compared with the rapid development of the fetus finishes 13th week of pregnancy. After that, this or that substance can only slow down the fetus, or the development of organs, but did not lead to a common type of structural defects.

This is one of the clear examples of rubella, she can cause a number of anatomical defects (eg congenital heart disease) in the case of pregnancy if the fetus is infected in the first trimester, but the later stages of pregnancy, the result of infection is less important.

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Teratogeneb individual reactions and their effect on your baby


Individual reactions teratogens may be fetal body, or that the substance is the same dose, different reaction.

As a typical example of alcohol. If a single large dose of alcohol in the case of any serious impact on the fetus, the second case of its small dose can produce serious harm.

Gasamakhvilebeli attention, when a woman uses teratogenebs without being aware of their pregnancy. In this case, he should tell their doctor about it.

Here are some of the famous teratogenebi and their possible effect on the embryo or fetus.

If any of these substances have already been received, do not be panic and say to the doctor, so he can take the appropriate action.

Generally, it is necessary to follow the golden rule and during pregnancy do not get any medicine doctor’s permission and without reading.

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Teratogenebialkoholi – oligoprenia (dementia), microcephaly (small head).

Androgens (male hormones) – growth retardation, and bone deformity of the hands, eyes and central nervous system problems.

Antikoaguliantebi (warfarin) – growth retardation, and bone deformity of the hands, eyes and central nervous system problems.

Antitireoduli preparations (iodide, and other metimazoli) – tvitaborti.

Cytostatic drugs (methotrexate, aminopterini) – tvitaborti.

Dietilstilbestroli – a woman’s reproductive organs abnormalities, male and female infertility.

Isotretinoin (akutani) – increase the risk of abortion, nervous system defects, defects, cleft spine.

Bullet – increase the risk of abortion, birth of dead fetus.

Lithium – congenital heart disease.

Organic mercury – brain atrophy, dementia, muscle spastikuroba, paroxysms (attacks), blindness.

Phenytoin (dilantini) – the height of the growth and mental retardation, microcephaly.

Streptomycin – hearing loss, cranial nerve damage.

Tetracycline – hypoplasia (congenital hypoplasia of tooth enamel), permanent teeth bleaching.

Talidomidi – serious defects of the limbs.

Trimetadini – “rabbit lip”, the gap in the spinal cord, the height of the growth, the risk of miscarriage.

Radiation therapy – microcephaly, mental retardation, leukemia.

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Infections affect the fetus


The impact of infection or illness suffered infections naqopzeam period, can also affect your child’s future development.

Preferably, if the mothers would try to avoid any risk of even the smallest, in order not to get sick with an infection, which would endanger the health of the fetus.

Below is a list of such infections and indicated their possible consequences:

Cytomegalovirus – microcephaly, brain defects, hearing loss.

Rubella – cataracts, deafness, heart disease, any organ defects.

Syphilis – the death of the fetus in the abdomen, skin defects.

Toxoplasmosis – any body defects.

Chickenpox – any body defects.

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Future baby

Pregnancy 9th weeks has finally liberated during your next small embryonic tail and it’s 9 kvira 2 9 weeks pregnantbeen like a little man. His spine is gradually begins to correct, but they are still disproportionately high and neck are bent, the chin pointed at the chest closely.

Already has four heart valves, heart rate ranges between 130 – 150 bpm

Begins development of teeth. The brain begins to form, and soon your baby more coordinated actions.

Formed by the genitals. Gradually raises his finger pads. Easily distinguished from each finger feet.

Formed by funds. Arms continue to develop, but the hands are more rapid than the legs. His hands elbows bent and moving is delivered to the heart.

He has been a person reacts to the touch. Eyes sufficiently formed, but still has a membrane covered.

The fruit is already beginning to change the location of the body and limbs, but these movements are only ultrasound examination may be fixed.

From this period he quickly increases the weight of its weight can be varied between 1-5 grams (although individual fruit weight and may be different for different fetus). And the length of 2-3 cm between Varies

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