8 weeks pregnant

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8 weeks pregnant

8 kvira 9 8 weeks pregnantthis period if you still do not consult a gynecologist, it is time to do it.
It is the first visit to the gynecologist to observe the individual plan for your pregnancy.
This plan is, first and foremost include the following laboratory tests:
»Blood analysis blood counts to take blood from a finger motion. It is recommended at this time of fasting sure, because after the food can be somewhat change the results of the analysis. After a meal increases the number of white blood cells, and fatty and fried food intake to promote blood clotting in some way.
»Urinalysis – urine test is required for diagnosis of genital hygiene, as long as the dose required to take a urine. It is necessary to take a morning urine analysis.
»Blood group and Rh factor – the analysis of the blood taken from the vein.
»Biochemical analysis – This analysis shows the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. Analysis is needed to take blood from the vein. The procedure should go in the morning and were fasting.

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»Blood test for AIDS – Syphilis, B, Hepatitis C. This analysis is done in the acute disease is excluded. The analysis of the blood taken from the vein and in this case it can rest on an empty stomach.

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»Blood analysis torch-existence infections – toxoplasmosis, measles, cytomegalovirus and herpes infections. These tests will reveal all of this complex disease, arsebobobis their case, because all of them are dangerous for the further development of the fetus. This study also reveals, have you had any of these infections in the past, or if it’s the first time you have, whether it is transferred to a chronic condition. Also shows what level of resistance can take your body to the infection. In this case, the blood from the vein open.

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»Coagulation – a study of the blood coagulation system, in which significant changes occurring during pregnancy. Deviation from the norm of the highlights of a possible future pregnancy complications diagnosis forecast. Blood from a vein in the morning on an empty stomach.

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»Vaginal smear analysis is used to analyze a variety of flora -This inflammation and diagnosis of the disease allows the determination of the existence of which are transmitted sexually. The analysis does not need special training, is any time you can get a. Analysis done gynecological examinations.
»Vaginal smear cytology analysis at – taking a swab of cells from the cervix for the study, which covers the neck. Becomes gynecological smear tests. This is one of the leading methods of cervical cancer and precancerous background to diagnose diseases.
»Smears latent infection – PCR (polymer chain reaction) -diagnostikit revealed the following infections: – ureaplazma, mycoplasma, chlamydia and herpes simplex.
»Thyroid-stimulating hormone – TSH thyroid condition examination
»Progesterone – PROG hormone that regulates the metabolism during pregnancy in a woman’s body. The low level may result in the termination of pregnancy.
»Ultrasound examination (ultrasound) – in terms of diagnostic ultrasound exams during pregnancy is essential for the progress of the aspects of the specification. He can identify the fetal condition of its formation and development characteristics.

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Further examination:
In this group of patients should be taken from the examination, of whom suffer from chronic diseases, or acute diseases suffered during pregnancy.
»Urinalysis neiporenkos method – analysis of a urine test done at the rate of deviation. It enables to investigate the diuretic in various infectious processes. Gives a clear picture of the kidney filtration and excretory functions.
»Blood hormone – This analysis is done, or thyroid disease in pregnancy or suspected pregnancy premature termination of the threat. If necessary, the doctor should take special tests parathyroid glands, pituitary and sakvertskhebisa with established quality designs.
»Antirezusuli and blood group antibodies – or rhesus negative given to the first group of blood of pregnant .. (In the case of a spouse or a rhesus positive blood group, unlike the first match). If the father’s blood group and rezusisa have no document, he must undergo analysis to determine the foregoing. Analysis is done once a month, during the 32 weeks before the 32nd week of once every two weeks. Analysis of antibody formation and the need for frequent individually drawn schedule.
»Glycemic profile – analysis of the open finger from sugar, one day … some of these analyzes are prescribed in a hospital in Rome, in the case of the excess glucose in the blood or urine of points found.
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Future mother

You can change this time, feel irritation. Breast sizes continue to grow, can dramatically outline the subcutaneous veins, so wear comfortable biushalteri, which contribute to the normal functioning of your breast.
Some women are going to be a need for one or the other kind of product. The demand for exotic and very often the time is irrelevant.
Alcohol may be, for example, beer and so on demand even want, this is caused by the lack of certain vitamins. Therefore, consult your doctor about it.

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Sciatic nerve irritation

Many woman starts having pain in the pelvis or lumbar area, which is mainly due to the increase of the uterus occurs.
The fetus in the womb is growing, causing pressure on the sciatic nerve and irritation, which is the cause of this pain.
The easiest way to get rid of pain is that by lying down sideways in the opposite direction.
As a result of pressure on the uterus and reduce the unpleasant shegrdznebebisgana released.
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There is a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage, or a self-evident (miscarriage) and artificial-voluntary (female desire), as well as forced (Medical-therapeutic purposes).
The so-called spontaneous or voluntary termination of pregnancy, abortion becomes the twentieth week of pregnancy.
After this period, the fetus is considered a child. And the end of the 38th week of pregnancy is considered premature birth before.
As for the possibility of miscarriage or abortion, specialists studies found that this can be done by the 12th week of pregnancy (early abortion). After this time the embryo is considered a product and do not permissible.
However, practice shows that the fruit can be removed successfully from the uterus before the 22th week (late abortion), and this is the extreme limit.
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cause of Miscarriage

Usually very hard to estimate the true cause of miscarriages, because when it tells us that the fruit killed several days ago and fabrics have been modified.
In many cases miscarriage abnormal embryonic development. Such a situation is sometimes referred to as the death of the first egg. This means that the embryos died before the multiplier, or not at all in its formation. Studies have shown that similar cases of miscarriages caused by chromosomal darghvevebitaa.
Embryos of various negative factors: radiation, drugs and medication poisoning, infectious diseases, such as – toksoplazmozi, syphilis, and other listeriozi
The fact that any of the food ingredient or malnutrition causes a miscarriage, there is no data. Smoking and alcohol threat abducted women more susceptible than healthy lifestyle followers.
Moved everyday trauma or surgery significantly increases the risk of miscarriage. Trimest the first miscarriage can cause cervical insufficiency. Many women have this kind of result in physical injury and stresebsa blame, although such things can not be proven scientifically, although sometimes considered to be admissible.
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Chance (spontaneous) abortion

Natural abortion can be expected to assume vaginal bleeding that lasts for days and weeks. Such bleeding often severe menstrual pain is accompanied by similar. If you feel tightness in the abdomen below severe, bed rest and quiet this time of need.
Threatened abortion is difficult to diagnose, because one in five women bleeding even under the threat of abortion is only 15% true.
This time begins with terrible pains, the cervix opens, from which flows blood clots and fabrics. Which indicates that the fertilized egg is separated from the uterine wall. In this case, the process is irreversible. Usually after that the uterine contractions and stuck out of the fruit removed.
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Failed or incomplete abortion

Failed abortion, embryo does not stop the uterine wall, not a bleeding mother’s womb and the fruit of artificially maintained for several weeks.
In this case, the need for uterine cavity suction device, rub out.
This is not a difficult operation, it avoids the spread of infection and stop bleeding.
Incomplete abortion if the fetus is just a part of the inside and outside of the remains removed.
Other fruits are bleeding out for a few days.
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If problems do

If the expected threat to abortion feel, tell your doctor right away, the first sign of bleeding is considered.
This time may suggest ectopic pregnancy as well. Ectopic pregnancy is normal khorioniuli gonadrotropinis different level, which the doctor examines a few days.
If the fruit of five weeks of age, then the ultra-sound examination. If the baby’s heartbeat ultrabgeram confirmed, you can stay calm, to continue bleeding, just wait a week or 10 days, and check the condition of the fetus ultra-sound examination.
It’s more a prolonged bleeding and cramping pain, the greater the risk of miscarriage. If you came out of the blood and tissues lekertebi condensed, after which stopped the bleeding and cramping pain, it is likely to have been a miscarriage.
However, it might not work out all the parts of the egg mem- branes, so it is necessary curettage uterine cavity (rub out, rinse). This is not a complicated operation is needed to cleanse the uterus, to avoid prolonged bleeding, anemia (circular insufficiency) and Inspection of danger.
Many women during pregnancy and to maintain the normal conduct of progesterone are prescribed, but progrsteronis efficiency is still a contentious issue, as it is likely to adversely affect the fetus progesterone.
The first abortion stress is heavy, two abortion even worse tolerable sequence. Repetitive nature of abortions, they blame bad luck or chance.
Most doctors will not be repeated three times until the abortion does not grant a special examination of the patient. A variety of tests, including skin tuberculosis and diabetes are being held in order to determine the chromosomal.

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Rh blood factor

Rezuspaktori (rezusantigeni) is a protein that is placed on the surface of red blood cells in the blood.
Rh factor is present in 85% of people – the blood – “Rh positive” (Rh +), and the remaining 15% – it’s not present in the blood of the Rh factor – “Rh negative” (Rh-).
“Rh positive” or “Rh negative” blood mixing may result in hemolysis (red blood cells breaking up the process).
If the father is “Rh positive”, while the mother of the “Rhesus negative”, arsebobobs “Rhesus conflict” danger, but fortunately not always.
“Rhesus conflict” only in cases when the child’s father’s blood group, or “Rh positive” blood is found. At this time the child’s maternal blood for the alien, the child “Rh factor” in the mother’s blood through the placenta, the mother of a blend of a stranger, harmful substances, starting with the defense – the production of antibodies.
These antibodies through the placenta to the fetus, and the beginning of its destruction of red blood cells, this time falling fruit yellowish color, because the liver and spleen are struggling, leaving a noticeable gain in size, may develop as a result of anemia (hemoglobin eritrotsotebisa and lack of blood).
So, the mother’s antibodies are generated, for a child to be a threat. Rh-fetal death and severe conflict may be at any stage of pregnancy cause a miscarriage. Also available in the brain, hearing and speech defects skills.
In very severe cases of newborn being renamed (cellar) in the same group of Rh negative blood and placed in reanimation. This procedure is effective for only 36 hours after giving birth.
If you have Rh negative blood, miscarriage case you should get immune globulin.
Antiglobulini foreign body prevents formation of blood preservation, not to make it into a positive.

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If you have a dog or a cat at home, they can cause toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasma, a simple single-cell, by which you can dagaavadot and your fruit.
These organisms raw (poorly grilled) meat or animal feces touch apply. These microorganisms can your child’s body through the placenta to reach.
Given the fact that her mother has been diagnosed with no symptoms can be infected. Toxoplasmosis during pregnancy, abortion or fetal disease saprtes creates. The gansakurnad prescribed the antibiotics, such as: pirimetamini, sulpadiazini, erythromycin (Do not get your gynecologist without agreement).
Generally, it is best to avoid contact with the animals and follow simple hygiene rules, do not allow the disease to spread. Wash your hands after contact with meat. Litter removal in temporary Delegate else.
Remember that you expect a little more important than even your very loyal and beloved pets.
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Future baby

8th week of pregnancy is approximately 1.5 cm has increased a little. He does not sit in one place, in constant motion (so it is smaller, the mother would be sure not to notice). Shesamchnevadaa raised his hands and feet, and fingers to form an gamagrdzobs growth.
The child himself increasingly becomes, the longer the body. Eyes no longer looks like a tiny dark dots on the faces, they have been covered partially-formed eyelids. At the same time becoming his forehead and upper lip formation.
Already identified the tip of the nose. The inner ear and the ear shell formation. At the same time it becomes active in the formation of bones and joints.
Fetal heart has been aorta and pulmonary valve, which continues to operate
If the baby is a boy, becomes the eighth week of its egg shape, although at this stage of pregnancy is still no modern equipment can not be determined.
Atavizmismagvari manifestation kudismagvari small structure, for eight weeks significantly thumbnails, it has been almost invisible.