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Future mother

The seventh week of pregnancy characterized by increased blood volume, which is growing at around 10% and this is not the limit, he can end a pregnancy up to 40% increase.

Blood volume is a necessity, without which the development of the fetal body is incredible. But she can cause discomfort in your body, which is a sense of heaviness in the legs and the swelling is expressed. Very often at this time the future mothers of the marked increase in blood pressure.

During this period, the so-called mucous cervix coagulate and form a stopper, which is a whole during the pregnancy, the uterus before delivery and protects the fetus from the outside world, a variety of infections and other external influences.

Because the uterus is continuing to grow rapidly, according to the increasing pressure on the bladder. This can lead to frequent urination, which is normal in this period. This certainly is not a pleasant future mother, but what do you do, it just has to put up with.

The mothers in the seventh week of pigmentation is often observed in the vicinity of the breast. At this time, around the breast nipple may darkening sections, but it is quite a natural phenomenon during pregnancy.

General tips for coping toxic’s  

7 kvira 6 7 weeks pregnantDuring this time, your mood (especially if they have a toxic’s), may be not so good. Here are some tips to help you cope with the situation:

»Read on (or start), vitamins during pregnancy for drugs. Try it to get the day of the period, when vomiting is usually not a problem. Vitamins can not toxic exculpate, but providing the fruits of their required amounts.

»Try to eat a little, but often (6-7 times a day). If it is desirable to have breakfast rolls out of bed, before you rise up. Dinner is good if you eat just before bedtime. You can also conduct experiments related to food. Try a variety of food, and pay attention to which of them will not cause you a feeling of nausea. Try a little toasted bread, crackers or raisins, crab chips, may be one of them will shorten nausea.

»Do not forget the liquid, you can get a natural juice or mineral water, or in the form of fruit (watermelon, melons, apples, pears, etc.) or in the form of vegetables (a variety of fresh salads). If you suffer from vomiting, fluid intake is especially important, because at this time are lost in a large amount of liquid and salt.

»A lot of rest, sleep early and get up late. Try not to restart the fighting during the day, especially in the morning.

»Try to avoid irritating you with all kinds of smell and taste (toilet water, perfumes and other perfume products, food, fragrance and so on). Some women claim that toothpaste or chewing gum, shortening the morning nausea. Try it, maybe you too can help.

»Limit your stress loads. If the elimination of the sources of stress (for example, for your service problems) can not, seek the assistance of a psychotherapist. It will help you a psycho-emotional release, it will allow you to feel differently about your new situation. You will be able to master the basics yourself learn, which is often an effective tool in the fight against early toxic.

»Often good effect of oriental medicine methods (acupuncture fingers) that makes it possible to deal with nausea and vomiting, headache, excessive saliva secretion and other forms of early toxic’s. However, before addressing these areas Specialist, make sure that it’s true, and the leader of his unrivaled specialist.

»There is no way to apply self-medication, choose a gynecologist, who will control your condition and take care of your end of the pregnancy and your baby’s health.

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food factor in a child’s development

7 kvira 1 7 weeks pregnant This period has been a lot of factors affect your baby’s development, proper nutrition is one of these factors is important.

If your diet is poor, it will adversely affect your child’s development. Increase the number of calories per day so the 300-800 percent.

Calories will help your body to increase fat tissues, which is necessary as during pregnancy and after childbirth to feed an infant.

Future small consumes energy derived from proteins that you receive food (protein), fats and carbohydrates at the expense of stocks.


Protein is an important component of the pregnant women.

In general, proteins largely determine the tissue, while pregnant women it is simply necessary for the embryo / fetus, placenta, uterus and breast growth.

A large part of the protein enters the body from animal foods such as beef, poultry meat. As well as proteins in milk, eggs, cheese, fish. These products are the essential amigo acids your body supplies. The recommended daily requirement amounts of protein during pregnancy 165-195 grams. Therefore, it is important to not manhood initial stage, but the whole time you are pregnant or not enough protein.


Some women panic when they heard the word fat, but not entirely so it is not the case. Fats, as well as proteins and carbohydrates, the body’s major energy reserves, which affects the central nervous system, the endocrine glands, smooth internal temperature change effects on the body.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to control the fat intake. Although the fat getting the recommended daily norm does not exist, there is not a body of its lack of danger accurate statement, but in general, the pregnant woman’s diet is recommended by 40% – up to vegetable fat, which contains vitamin E-‘s. Animal fats from butter and butter-making is better, but not more than 85 grams, the weight gain and obesity is inevitable otherwise.

Excessive amounts of fat in the blood cholesterol level increases.

However, pregnancy and breast feeding is not worth the blood cholesterol level of assessment, as it is already in this period usually increases due to the increase of hormones. Sometimes 25% is greater than well.


Carbohydrate intake during pregnancy does not exist with respect to the recommendations.

Carbohydrate calories of your diet for about 60% of the total calories.

If a pregnant woman can not receive a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, the energy output is spent on unnecessary number of proteins, a sufficient amount of time am eve consumption can help prevent the accumulation of excessive amounts of Parts that could endanger your child.

On the other hand, excessive amounts of carbohydrates can lead to weight gain for you and your child, as well as substantially increase the risk of disease diaereses.


Pregnant for minerals from iron to give extra benefits. During pregnancy increased requirement for iron.

In exceptional cases, the women have a sufficient amount of iron in the body. The usual ratio is very rare nutrients such as iron.

Pregnancy normally conducting blood circulation up to 50% volume increase. This means that you need more iron in the blood to cells.

In the first trimester of iron deficiency is very small, but the demand for it in the second trimester of the body increases. Nausea and vomiting during the first trimester drugs exacerbated symptoms. Some doctors in the calcium-containing products assign pregnant women, but the majority do not have a need for.

Gloria pregnant body and its salts, the exact number has not been established. Some scientists believe that the future of the child’s fluoride intake during pregnancy on the development of healthy teeth.

However, not all agree with this opinion. At least not yet taken place, the pregnancy period approved any fluoride to cause damage to infant. Fluoride some special vitamins contain.


Often, doctors prescribe vitamins pregnant women. They include pregnant women, the recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals. However, you and your child for health, vitamins are not a substitute for food.

Vitamins, it is different from the usual poly vitamins composition. Iron, zinc and frolic acid.

This dietary supplement with vitamins best during pregnancy. Frolic acid helps the child overcome the nervous system disease. Zinc helps the weak, thin women healthy baby set. Special body absorb vitamins if they eat before bedtime get. Increased amount of iron may cause gastrointestinal irritation and constipation.

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy  

7 kvira 3 7 weeks pregnantMany couples wonder whether it is permissible to have sexual relations during pregnancy. If pregnant miscarriage or premature delivery is at risk, it is better to abstain from sexual intercourse.

The rest of the case a pair of healthy sexual relationship, no problem there.

Some doctors Recommend the last four weeks to abstain from sexual intercourse, but many do not share this opinion. Therefore, it is best to contact your personal doctor’s advice for what to do personally to you.

Many doctors prohibit the wash water cannon, not to interfere in the infection, bleeding did not occur to the challenge and did not violate the fetal membranes. This can lead to pregnancy complications.

Future baby

7 weeks 7 weeks pregnant Your child is the 7th week of 6-10 mm has been increased. This week’s 30% increase. Weight is too small, not even a gram. It was going to establish his alimentary tract.

Develop and grow in the cerebral hemispheres, which means that your child has been able to “self-control.”

The baby’s heart has been split into right and left chambers. This period is formed in the lungs, which have been observed embryo. Forming pancreas. Produces the hormone insulin.

The child develops an embryo, eye bags, but they are so small that it can not turn a blind eye, under eye only begins to take shape.

The embryo already has a nose, the nose is formed. Kidneys and bowels of the system being formed in this period.

As for his limbs, feet and hands are distinct clusters

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