6 weeks pregnant

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pregnancy calculatorMore than half of pregnant women in the early toxicos detector. The reason is that the hormonal changes in the body are still under way, which will provide the best conditions for the development of the fetus.

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So do not fear, the more that your little boy may be, this time with a special combination of your future child sex hormonal background, which is a very important process.

Future mother

6th week of pregnancy in the sixth week, you will notice some changes in their body. May gain a little bit, and if you eat little and toxicosis have – lose them.

At such times, often marked by excessive salivation. Can turn your skin is dry, peel or related events, and it is covered with patches Do not worry.

If the pregnancy is normal, without any complications, being, often doctors will still ask for a study of an infection that can be sexually to move and silent place, without any signs, which are incredibly dangerous for the health of the fetus.

So, this study is extremely important to any infection in time to be identified and your doctor should be able to take effective measures against it.

During this period, the symptoms are more common in pregnant women, which requires special attention:


Pregnancy and shekrulobapekhmdzimobis time, gastrointestinal effects would vary to some extent and the majority of women in this period often complain of constipation. Is common in such cases (hemorrhoids) hemorrhoids formation.

Constipation during pregnancy can be:


»Immobility (hipodinamia)

»Pregnancy physiological reasons

Full rectum pushes the uterus, which is undesirable, so I try every day to have a stomach operation. It does well in a glass of water on an empty stomach helps (preferably mouthful), or sleep in front of a glass of sour milk.

To avoid constipation, try to get as much liquid. You also exercise.

Good light of laxative products, for example magnesium-containing milk and prune juice. Some foods, such as rice and wheat porridge beneficial to alleviate the severity of constipation. It is good in the water cooked oat meal, which has added to the butter and honey. Especially effective (tasty too) if it is in the morning before eating.

Do not take a laxative to a more developed, or must not make enema (he can raise the tone of the uterus lead), without consulting your doctor. If constipation can not beat on its own, and you notice that she is more gets serious, definitely ask him to solve the problem.

See details – constipation



Pregnancy and guldzmarvaguldzmarva and gastric burning – one of the most common manifestation of pregnancy, which creates discomfort for women.

The cause (if no other time have you had shortness) again hormonebia, also affects the gastro – intestinal tract of the current processes.

The valve, which is located between the stomach and the esophagus pipe, the hormone progesterone in the blood, and it throws off the acidity level rises. He also can be caused by the expansion of the uterus above the belly is to lie on his stomach.

Many women are not so severe heartburn symptoms. The deal may be, if you do these simple instructions.

  • Avoid a large number of foods, particularly fried and spicy foods. Take the food frequently and in small portions, and the amounts that do not cause stomach burning. But here, too, can not be overestimated, for example you might have noticed that the chocolate does not cause stomach burning, there is no way to get it for every meal time. In general, try to remove such products from the diet, which has a negative impact on you and add those that are necessary for the development of your next baby.
  • Avoid certain posture, for example Do not bend very low and do not lie down in a horizontal position. The shortest way to the stomach burning of a large amount of food intake and the Secretary of the lie.
  • If heartburn happens to you at night, drink a glass of milk before going to bed and slept on a high pillow.

If nevertheless heartburn still never be anxious, can give you a relief means (drugs), which neutralizes acid action. Although the overdose, may create other problems, so do not get to it without the consent of your doctor and carefully follow the instructions for each medication.

Avoid soda bicarbonate intake, because of its excessive dose can cause urinary retention

Genital herpes

Genital herpesichveulebriv, herpes during pregnancy can only occur recurrence. In the early stages of pregnancy can be a miscarriage, birth defects and more rarely the cause of the fetus.

Later stage of its expression can lead to miscarriage and premature birth.

There is every reason to believe that the child is infected with the delivery of the roads passing moment. Therefore, the appointment of a cesarean section may be necessary. The mortality rate among infants herpes 50% – of the total.

Herpasi treacherous genital disease, its destruction is virtually impossible. It is especially dangerous during pregnancy in the late period, but in any case it is necessary to be careful from the beginning and was under constant surveillance.

Herpes he would prescribe antiviral therapy, which is taken orally and is particularly effective tool against herpes.

It is necessary to constantly monitor your doctor and your future baby’s health.

Candida vulvovaginitis (inflammation of the vagina) is quite rare in pregnant women. While this type of infection with a strong negative impact on pregnancy, but causes discomfort and concern.

His treatment during pregnancy is difficult. Treatment may require some short (3-7 days), or a long (10-14 days) session. His treatment of ointments is absolutely harmless. At this time it is not necessary to treat the partner.

Newborn baby, who will pass the hospital channels, may be exposed to thrush (oral Milky).

Milky oral cavity, as well as Candida  easily cured, but in this case it is necessary to consult your doctor, who can help you to solve the problem and prescribe effective treatment.

The reason is that the drugs , which is effective in the treatment, it is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.


Also still a moot point these drugs are pregnant afterwards.

Warts are quite frequent during pregnancy. As for whether it will spill over into the child: – If the virus is in the blood, the blood can move the infant, if not, there is a risk, newborn delivery channel for the passage of the infected, devour the fluid delivery process.

In any case, the Caesarean section is a guarantee that the baby will be born and will not be infected with HPV clean.

Warts treatment during pregnancy is necessary, but preferably at an early stage of pregnancy, certain precautions. So this time the laser and electrical effects, as well as cytotoxic drugs is not allowed.

In any case, it’s a matter of putting your gynecologist and do without taking even the first step.


Gonoreakali infected with gonorrhea may be at any time. This disease is dangerous for a woman, her partner and offspring, who had to pass through the cervix.


The child goes with congenital gonorrhea ophthalmia (eye inflammation), so the infant at birth is required for eye drops.

Gonerea infants may become the cause of other diseases.


Gonorrhea infections are easily cured penitsilinita and similar medicines that are safe during pregnancy to get.

Future baby

The sixth week of pregnancy 6th of pregnancy  your next baby’s growth rate is more noticeable. Begin to form tiny ears, nose, mouth shape is noticeable.


Also noticeable on the hands and feet germ. He has been able to manage its expected turn and invisibly moves unto them. The sixth week of the genital glands identified – women’s or men’s will.


Your baby’s height in this period of 2 – 6 mm – up.

During this period, the child will have been formed nose and eyes, which at first glance it appears as dark spots.

Sixth weekend it has been a tiny and short, but still hands, which is to move the even.


This period starts the formation of umbilical cord, which is still in the embryonic formation of the fifth week.The sixth week of pregnancy becomes a bubble mem- branes have been sufficiently large to move or fly embryos amniotur liquids. He feels there are, the more perfect, more taking care of himself and his mother fed properly.


Already active in the tiny heart, heart rhythm at this time is more than 100 beats per minute. The maximum is 160 beats per minute. The baby’s body has been moving in the blood of his own life.

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