5 weeks pregnant

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This is the week when your pregnancy has no doubt. First of all, it’s stopping the menstrual cycle.

Future mother

Pregnancy 5th weeks of the previous week’s characteristic fatigue, irritation and breast excessive sensitivity, can be added to a series of unpleasant events, such as – headache, frequent urination (the cause of enlarged uterus, which pushes bladder. It can be quite a pregnancy during the extended and special peri- causes irritation).

As well as excessive drowsiness, loss of appetite or gain, nausea, vomiting, even.

Can arise from unexpected gastronomic delight, for example unexplained craving salty and acidic foods. All these symptoms are early signs of toxicity, which cause the hormonal changes in your body. This is a natural phenomenon, so do not be surprised and do not be afraid.

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Birth control pills and plugs

If you are using any type of birth control pills, and a spiral of birth control pill, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. From time to time by any means of contraception, hormonal system would be ineffective and still got pregnant.

If you’re sure that you are pregnant, stop taking the tablets and show yourselves to the doctor immediately. No medication is not recommended for pregnant women without consulting a doctor, because it might endanger the fetus.

Pregnancy can occur even if you use a vaginal internal spiral. If you have a spiral and make sure that at least you are pregnant, it is necessary to visit a doctor immediately, he decides to withdraw from the vagina to the inner spiral, you have to be dismissed. In most cases, the doctor will remove spiral, because of its risk of miscarriage increases the event of a withdrawal.

IUDs after the removal of the risk of miscarriage – 20%, which is slightly more than is usually the case, the risk of miscarriages, which is 15-20% – Ia.

Many women spermicide (alone or together with prezevativ and diapragmeb), pregnancy occurs after use, but they will not affect the harmful child.

Pregnancy and sugar substitutes


Many women with sugar instead shakrisshemtsvlel uses body substances, such as aspartame or saccharin, but the extent of their use is recommended during pregnancy?

Sugar substitute aspartame, a common tool used by so-called “low-calorie” food and drink in order to lower its nutritive value. The two amino acid aspartame – a combination of penilalanilisa and asparaginis.

According to the research that pregnant women these substances detrimental effect on it, or food or drinks that contain aspartame, a normal frame is not a threat, but a woman with child, who suffers from phenylketonuria (amino acid phenylalanine metabolism hereditary deficiency, accompanied by mental retardation and other neurological symptoms), should -penilalanilis diet low acid content, otherwise the baby might be born with mental retardation and delayed development. Aspartame, which is contained in penilalanilis acid, violate the diet.

Saccharin – an artificial sugar substitute of another, which is often, but with less intensity has been used in food and drink.

Investigations have revealed that the saccharine do not benefit pregnant, so the fact that there is no more information about it, it is better to pregnant women during pregnancy to refrain from making it.

Generally it is better if they will refrain from making it out of the food additives that contain any form of artificial sugar.

Their child’s health, you refused to accept the food of the substances, the use of which there is no direct need.

Pregnancy hestozi (toxic)

early pregnancy toxicosis occurs in 5-6 weeks, and I’m about I-12-13 Sunday before continuing. Rarely longer. It should be noted that many women during pregnancy had no signs of toxicity.

Unfortunately there is no drug treatment toxicity. Science attempts to create toksikozis drugs, so far have not been successful, but there are a number of mitigating physiotherapy methods.

So if you feel very bad toxicosis (continuous vomiting), this may lead to a shortage of nutrients in your body. In such cases it is necessary to consult a doctor, who mogatavsebt few days in the hospital, where a vein from the body all the substances gadagiskhamen.


And if you have a moderate toxicosis, active treatment (drugs, herbal medicines and various “proven methods”), the patient is better. It is important to eat small portions of food, and at frequent intervals to avoid sharp, unpleasant smell of food.

Toxicosis is another matter, which we will discuss and consider it further. See more: toxicosis

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Pregnancy outside the uterus

Pregnancy outside the womb, it is noted uterine insemination miles from happening. Pass the pipe and the fertilized egg becomes implanted in the uterus. Outside the uterus, the pregnancy occurs when implantation occurs outside the uterus.


Pregnancy occurs outside the uterus to one hundred cases. He may be the cause pelvic inflammation or other infectious diseases, such as inflammation of appendicitis. If a woman has already had a pregnancy outside of the uterus, the risk of relapse is 12%.

Outside the uterus during pregnancy increases the risk of intrauterine IUD use.

Outside the uterus during pregnancy is necessary to detect until the uterine tube damage, as this can make the uterine tube is completely removed. The timely detection of internal bleeding and uterine tube reduces the risk of damage.

Outside the uterus during pregnancy can be detected chorionic gonadrotopinis (kg) analysis. (Kg) measured quantity. His levels are normal during pregnancy too soon boil-doubles approximately every two days. Therefore, if the quantitative increase has not been fixed, it gives reason to suspect that the pregnancy is complicated (although there are cases when (kg) of the levels rise, but they still have a pregnancy outside the uterus in place).

Outside the uterus during pregnancy often reveal an ultra-sound examination takes place. At this time all of the process can be seen as being miles from the uterus. The process will be revealed when the (kg) of the levels rise, but they still have a place outside pregnancy.

In such cases, the doctor’s goal is to remove the embryo in a way that does not compromise the ability of a woman’s fertility. This is quite a difficult task, because it is very difficult to detect the early stages of pregnancy outside, reason for this is that, common symptoms – uterine bleeding, pain in the abdomen, breast sensitivity and nausea, symptoms of which is the normal delivery.

In most cases, the discovery of a pregnancy outside of pregnancy occurs in 6-8 weeks. But it becomes even earlier, or later. So be careful, as your doctor all your symptoms and their severity level of detail aughtseret. Pregnancy outside of internal bleeding and possible infertility is very dangerous in terms.

Weight gain during pregnancy

Drostsona pregnancy weight gain during pregnancy for all women in the elevations is absolutely different. Fluctuations in the level of its overall weight gain of up to 20 kg -daklebi and more is up.

Both extreme cases are expected complications. Therefore it is difficult to determine which is the “ideal weight” during pregnancy.

In most cases, the weight at the pace depends on how much of a woman’s weight before pregnancy. Many experts recommends that weight gain was 300 grams and 450 grams per week in the first 20 weeks of the 20 to the 40 th week.

Other specialists have identified three subgroups -daklebuli maternity, normal or increased weight and therefore give their recommendations regarding weight gain.


»Reduced weight – gain of 12,7-18,1kg


»Normal weight – gain of 11,3-15,9kg


»Increased weight – gain of 6,8-11,3kg

But it still is individual, so if their weight is any problem guide, contact your doctor, as it can prompt you to be a person of your weight gain during pregnancy.

During pregnancy diet-not a good idea, but it does not mean that we forget about the calories that you take in from food. On the contrary, it is necessary for your next small enough nutrients from the food that you get. So make your choice in the food, which is to be your future child.

Future baby

Pregnancy 5th kviratkveni a fifth week of pregnancy undergone significant changes. First of all, changing its shape. It has been a pretty much like a cylinder with a length of 1.5-2.5 mm.

This week begins with the embryonic heart, central nervous system, brain, muscle, and bone formation. Exposed to the liver and pancreas germ.

If the child was two-chambered heart of the previous week (exactly the same as the fish), the fifth week of his heart Three Chambered happening (like those of mammals).

Fifth Sunday in developing such an important event, such as the kidneys, stomach and spleen of the fetus.

His intestines back film starts active development and growth. Such a transformation is the result of the emergence of the anal canal, which is also the fifth week of pregnancy begins.

It is interesting that during this time the embryo is formed gonoblastebi a sperm or egg cells for his next one.

Begin to form in the fifth week of the child is a very important body -chiplaris germ, who would become a vital element in connecting with his mother.

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