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4 kvira 5 150x150 4 weeks pregnantIn the fourth week of pregnancy is the most important rise, which eventually formed the twelfth-thirteenth week becomes. The placenta is an important body, through his mother, the fetus receives all the necessary material needed for its development. During this period the various layers of cells in the embryo. These layers, which are also called fetal sheets over time your child will be transformed into a variety of organs.

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Yellow Body

It is necessary to know that the embryo development during pregnancy, especially during the first period, very important for the yellow body, which is formed has burst follicle after the fertilized egg leaves the ovary. He looks like a little bubble on the wall of 4 kvira 1 150x150 4 weeks pregnantthe ovary. Yellow body with the rapid development of blood vessels for cause hormones, such as progesterone, which is necessary in the initial stages of pregnancy to maintain. Ripe yellow body usually 1-3 cm in diameter, although it may be larger, it can be a pain to produce copies of itself conducted, this time may develop a cyst. If the cyst burst, the pain will continue and cause internal bleeding. In such cases, surgery may even be necessary. Yellow body – until doctors discussion. It is believed that it is especially important in the first weeks of pregnancy, because it performs the function of the gland, which produces progesterone. Later, I – 8-12 weeks, this function assumes lancets takes. Yellow body, pregnancy after about 6 months to live. But there are exceptions, as in some cases a well-functioning yellow body of pregnancy to the end, the whole period of one’s life. There are cases when the pregnancy on the twentieth day (approximately implantation period), cyst ruptures as a result, the yellow body removed, but the pregnancy normally developed and completed.

Future mother

This week the mother’s pregnancy is situated on the way to find out you are pregnant or not. In order to determine the most simple method is a simple test, which any drugstore purchase, it is very easy to use home conditions (using the instructions). But for all the apparent attempt to disavow any doubt near the laboratory in charge of the blood HCG, the answer will be truthful. Happens to women during pregnancy in this period of unexplained irritability, weakness, nausea, breast swelling, breast tenderness have special chapters. In the early stages of pregnancy to determine the important thing, because it will be in time to avoid all dangerous and suspicious factors that could affect your pregnancy bad. For example: – give up the medical drugs (which may be by the time you receive) and habits (alcohol, tobacco), which can harm your next baby. Many women do not even notice the pregnancy shorter period of time for this event, as it is the first symptom of pregnancy menstruation absence, but there are cases when a small period of menstrual bleeding may be normal, while you are pregnant. It is not dangerous, just a bit too late learn about pregnancy, so it was difficult to determine the timing accurate heart.

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It is necessary to know

4 kvira 3 150x150 4 weeks pregnant

In such circumstances it is necessary to know that the environment contains a lot of harmful substances, which may cause damage to your child in the future, so it’s best to avoid the polluted environment. For example topics, caused by the bullet’s very dangerous, before the poisoning of the atmosphere was going on, but today it will allocate some petrol, water pipes, lead Batteries, lead-based paints and construction materials, textile dyes, wood hydrating fluids (varnish). Bullet easily reach lancets pass the fruits of his poisoning threat. So as much as possible and do not smell lead. Rare, but it happens to pregnant women with mercury poisoning. Inhalation of its vapor may be a child with cerebral palsy and microcephaly (its size reduction) lead. Some of the mercury contained in the reservoir and the river fish (less sea and ocean). Yet the world’s leading specialists pregnant in limited quantities, the week of 400 g of fish still advised, since it contains a child’s mental development of a substance omega- 3 (although omega-3s include other products such as bread, eggs, oil, walnuts and etc.). Harmful to the pregnant woman and the fetus of a variety of pesticides, which is mainly in agriculture plant diseases, weeds, rodents, animal parasites, etc. are used against. Of course clear information on how to avoid the impact of harmful substances, there is, therefore, as much as possible try to avoid polluted environment. Remember, the more healthy atmosphere to live in, the more your health will be born small.

Future baby

4 kvira 2 150x150 4 weeks pregnant With the end of the 4th week of pregnancy, fetal development in the womb ends and begins its first phase of development of the embryonic period. During this time your child feel wonderful and very important things are happening, in fact he has been fighting for life. From the fourth week begins with the development of fetal organs, occurs in identification marks, which later formed the eyes, nose, ears. On the opposite side of the legs of the fetus begins to form. At this time your baby’s overall length of approximately 0,5-1 mm respectively.

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