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3 kvira 3 150x150 3 weeks pregnant 3rd week of pregnancy after 3 days after fertilization the embryo consists of 32 cells and form resembles a mulberry fruit, the cells continued to proliferate very rapidly and at the weekend, their number increased to 250. At the initial diameter of 0,1-0,2 mm.     Such an embryo called blastocyst scientists. Then it becomes a fertilized egg to attach to the wall of the uterus. This process is called implantation. In some cases, this process causes little bleeding. Implantation of the embryo’s development represents a critical moment, when he successfully overcomes the embryo, this means that you are pregnant and your pregnancy has been the development of a new phase. The sign is an example of menstrual cycle will be terminated. Fetal growth after being involved in your body, which ensures its further development, supplying what he had all the necessary nutrients. The fetus and the embryo of a sharp boundary is not there. Generally, the first eight weeks of pregnancy – a term derived from embryos. It was in this period of major organs and systems of the future child. The term has been used for eight weeks on the outcome of the fruit.

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3rd week’s pregnancy in cases of pregnant women in this period, no changes will not 3 kvira 1 150x150 3 weeks pregnantnotice or understand them, that they are pregnant. This may be due to the fact that they have no menstrual cycle is not loss. Some women on the contrary clearly understand when ovulation occurs in the body. They are mild cramps or pain. Increased vaginal discharge. Implantation notice slight bleeding. Pregnant women, should strictly abide by one rule: during pregnancy, for any kind of bleeding should not be left without attention.


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Pregnancy and bleeding first trimester ignored, may even lead to miscarriage. In general, bleeding during pregnancy is not a rare phenomenon, and every fifth woman had statistically. However, this does not mean that the bleeding will surely lose end. As mentioned above, the implantation of the blastocyst in the uterine bleeding caused by the intrusion of the mucous. In the meantime, you may not realize that you are pregnant and this is an early event in the menstrual blame. Along with the growth of the fetus grows in the womb, becoming vascular bond formation. In this stage, during which bleeding can occur because of the physical activity, or a sexual relationship. In this case, you should stop immediately and consult gynecologist first and secondly, that will provide you with qualified consultation. Remember that in the early stages of pregnancy, the bleeding is practically impossible to determine the reasons, often the ultrasound estimates. In such situations, most doctors relaxed, reduced physical activity and sexual relations, refusal to. Because the drug, as well as surgical intervention is unlikely to produce results. During pregnancy, many women suffer from mild bleeding, but that does not mean that something terrible is happening. However, consideration should still be necessary, so it is better to be under the supervision of gynecologists.

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Medication use

Pregnancy and medication use medicine who get pregnant, the fetus some impact, why should carefully read the summary of each medication. Be careful and avoid aspirin and its compounds. Aspirin adversely affect the development of the pregnancy, it causes bleeding3 kvira 5 150x150 3 weeks pregnant and can cause changes in blood clotting functions. Aspirin is especially urgent at the end of pregnancy, childbirth ago. So Avoid any, aspirin drug use. Your doctor will see of drugs that will be safe for the health of the fetus. Central nervous system defects usually occur in the early stages of pregnancy, it happens once in a thousand, and their mechanism is still not fully researched. Such a defect detection occurs during fetal spinal canal do not close, and it stays open, exposed brain and spinal nerves. This may occur (congenital absence of brain and spinal cord) and (the brain’s speech from a woman’s fault). Recent studies have shown that the use of folio acid during pregnancy can prevent, or reduce the above-mentioned defects. This research is still ongoing. The recommended dose of 0.4 mg of folio acid per day. But if a woman has a child has been born with such defects, the dose may be increased to 4 mg per day. It is best if the intake of folio acid before pregnancy, one month before the start, the dose will be maintained during the first trimester, which is the period of the formation of the fetal central nervous system. However, it is better to do it all on your doctor’s prescription and under his watch.

Future baby

3 kvira 2 150x150 3 weeks pregnant   3rd week your pregnancy the baby is total little, but nature has already determined what the eyes have it. The third week of the endocrine system becomes a fetus. This is an important system, the body’s normal functioning throughout their lives will determine your child. At the end of the third week becomes mouth membrane formation, the fetus is a person. Breathing is vital to the fetus, therefore, becomes the third week of the respiratory system and the beginnings of the respiratory system. As well as the formation of blood cells. The third week, the embryo of the future for the sake of being begins to function. So you’ve been living in their lives and the future of a small enough work performed growth and development.

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