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2nd pregnancy weeks  often women become pregnant in the middle of the cycle, the 14-th day.Millions of sperm into the uterus to the ovaries, and the only one able to overcome the egg’s protective layer. This is the moment of conception.

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Then start with a special chemical process that does not allow any other sperm penetrates an egg. Sperm, which has penetrated the egg absorbed, while its core, which is the carrier of genetic information, joins the egg chromosome.

300 000 eggs from one of the brewing, it is placed in a fluid-filled bubbles in (Graafian bubble) is gradually increasing, and the bubbles on the surface of the ovary starts to leave behind, and then it cracks and becomes ovulation. After releasing the egg meets the uterine tube, where it will turn into a fertilized egg.

Graafian bubble in place a special gland – yellow body. Its role is very important. It contributes to the harmonious development of labor. But also causes premature toksikozs, which is quite common in women.

Future mother

2 kvira 3 150x150 2 weeks pregnant  She feels the process of fertilization pregnancy 2nd week some (often a pain in the stomach area). His determination by measurement of basal temperature may (rectal temperature).

Once fertilized egg is embedded in a new place, it begins feeding. Most have a drastic change in the nature of women at this time. They can weep for no reason, or got angry with the side of the people, the result of a long laugh and enjoy.

Poor sleep, sunebisadmi sharp sensitivity, nausea, it’s in the body of the first signs of change. In this case, you can often run to the toilet. At such times, a lot of fluid to receive recommended.


Many pregnant women in the 2nd weeks  toxicosis may develop, may not occur, but if they still find themselves in the grip of his escape from a recipe does not exist, feel the power to affix, to gain patience and work to overcome, it will soon pass.

Keep in mind that during the first period of time, it is less a threat to your future child. Toxicosis is more flexible during the late period of the time he has other more complex causes.

Signs of Pregnancy

Many women do not even notice the pregnancy nishnebiorsulobis shorter period of time 2 kvira 4 150x150 2 weeks pregnantin this event, as it is the first symptom of pregnancy menstruation absence, but there are cases when a small period of menstrual bleeding may be normal, while you are pregnant.

It is not dangerous, just a bit too late learn about pregnancy, so it was difficult to determine the timing accurate heart. In general, the pregnancy in the early stages of establishing an important factor, because it will be time to give up medical drugs (which may be by the time you receive) and habits (alcohol, tobacco, excessive coffee, tea, etc.), which can harm your future child .

Here are some general signs that may predict, that have been pregnant are:

»Absence of menstruation;

»Bleeding and cramps;

»Basal temperature increase;

»Pain in the abdomen and below the lumbar region;

»Increased appetite;

»Taste changes;

»Saliva excessive emissions;


»Mood changes;

»Fast tiredness;


»Breast enlargement;

»Breast pain;

»Implantation bleeding;

»Genital lips the color change;

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There is a pregnancy in the early stages of establishing paktorits- EPF (Early pregnancy factor), this factor makes it possible to confirm the early stages of pregnancy to occur – from the moment of conception, 6-24 hours.

His discovery caused a great interest, as it previously thought, the embryo (fertilized egg), implatantsia period invisibly “traveled” miles from the uterine cervix, and no direction did not affect the mother’s body.

Early pregnancy factor ghmochenas with it became clear that the mother’s body for implantation and successful pregnancy from the moment of preparing for birth control, or kvertskhujrdis ganaqopierebistanave becomes EPF-‘s output.

EPF an immunosuppressant that inhibits, weakens a woman’s immune system. Without this substance, the immune system is in the early stages of pregnancy the embryo in the womb wall to receive implant as a foreign, hostile body and got rid of him.

Study showed that the blood of early pregnancy factor EPF-‘s existence, the future of a viable embryo in the mother’s body existence. Women who have sexual intercourse, following 1-2 days after the blood found on EPF, turned out to be pregnant.

The more well-known, the reverse indicator of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which reveal the future of the mother’s blood, approximately -7-8 days available.

Future baby

2nd week of pregnancy are not so rare, the majority of women, pregnancy can not even notice the second week, is whether or not pregnant. At this time a small embryo, which your precious little to be appeared in this, was already full of lord. He enjoys all the benefits that it gives to the mother’s body, and is in excellent condition, which actively contributes to its development.

The second week of pregnancy the embryo pleasure and pleasures era begins, which is often at the expense of maternal toxicity.

During this period, the embryo develops digestive system. Is the time to first bowel development and division. First formed in the intestinal tube embryo, at the weekend, the split in the intestine. At week children vital protective shell is formed, which protects it from external factors.

The second week of the formation of the placenta from the period of pregnancy important. What is the placenta during pregnancy and why they talk about the importance of children for any period of time? – The placenta is the embryo of a vital organ. According to the mother of the embryo’s development and to supplement what it takes to survive, even in the air.

The placenta is the place where the embryo is not required to allocate its products.

It is interesting that the wise nature has developed a mechanism that allows the embryo in the mother’s body to expel toxins through the digestive process to allocate it.

However, this process (as long as it will be fine and perfect), causing toxicity, which may occur in the future mother’s feeling of nausea, severe vomiting and general weakness in the form of systematic.
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