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Future mother

11kvira 9 11 weeks pregnantEleventh Sunday in the first trimester is the last, this time in the womb are further enhanced and takes virtually the entire pelvic area.

Many women feel at their hair, nails, hands and feet of the change. Some grow quickly and attached to the hair and nails, some even falling hair and nails grow very slowly, thins and breaks.

Doctors will explain the changes in hormonal and blood circulation, but there is nothing to worry about, everything in its place will come after childbirth. However, this does not mean that a child is born until the issue is ignored. Therefore, if your diet is good to activate the calcium content of products high.

The intensification of the process of metabolism and blood volume increase, can cause internal heat, followed by a thirst to strengthen, in accordance with the rise of sweating. Thinning of the blood vessels can lead to bleeding from the nose and gums. In this case, the doctor will let your ear, which will take the appropriate measures.

Many of the expectant mother during this period had to raise the emotional background, which is why getting stronger sharp mood changes, irritability, tears, hysteria, fear and anxiety, unexplained.

This is of course an unpleasant process, but I can not do this, the hormones take their toll and you find it difficult to control this feeling, so it is best to let your people around, what you feel is going to make sense, they should be taken from time to time your attacks the nervous and inadequate actions.

During this period, it seems that the baby is moving, but it is not so, in fact, you may feel gas accumulation and reduce the intestinal loop.

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Narrow pelvis

narrow pelvis problem-free and without complications in childbirth – one of the important vxvx 11 weeks pregnantpre-conditions, so its measurement and detailed examination of the doctor’s visit, the first time it happens.

Narrow pelvis There are two types:



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Anatomically narrow pelvis, to which all or some of the parameters of normal 1-2 cm – and more than a house is not always a cause for hindering the delivery, or if anatomically narrow pelvis, may not be clinically narrow.

As for clinically narrow pelvis, it poses a particular case depends on the various parameters of the fruits of labor and sharp obstacles

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Narrow pelvis forms:

Harassment can be a form of a narrow pelvis:fhfh 11 weeks pregnant

• generally equal narrowed pelvis;

• A simple flat pelvis;

• generally waisted pelvis;

• flat rakituli pelvis

• lying down narrow pelvis

• indirectly narrow pelvis

• pelvic osteoma osteoiduri

• etc

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Front entrance of the pelvis – rear diameter by size, narrow house Menji harassment has 4 quality:

First degree – the true conjugate 11 – 9 cm; (Delivery is possible, good action during maternity)

Second degree – the true conjugates 9 – 7.5 cm; (Delivery is possible, good action during maternity)

Third degree – the true conjugates of 7.5 – 6.5 cm; (Done by Caesarean section or the operation of the dead fetus in case)

The fourth degree – 6.5 cm or less true conjugate; (Done by Caesarean section or the operation of the dead fetus in case)

Narrow pelvis pormebiimis Although the third trimester pelvic bones are moving (elastic) takes place and the onset of labor slightly from a neglect to facilitate delivery on the roads of the little pass, anatomically narrow pelvis problem still exists, which is not so rare, childbirth is a serious complication may be the cause.

Normal fetal location (when he has to down) and pelvic normal despite the precautions, mother of channels for the passage of time, the fetus suffers from serious stress. At this time the child’s skull bones should fall under strong pressure.

Hard to imagine what will happen to the child if he had to go through the channels of the hospital, which is natural, or significantly adverse factors is tapered.

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Such factors may include events such as:

• The future of breast height (150 cm – the lowest),

• trauma to the pelvic area,

• Scoliosis, support – moving system diseases (rickets, scoliosis, kipozi)

• severe, long-suffering patients and inadequate nutrition in childhood,

• acceleration (the height of children and adults, mental development and acceleration of puberty), which is more active for bone development of the system vertically, rather than horizontally.

I must say that is not so rare, narrow pelvis itself pose a problem for ourselves by the fact that adolescent spend too narrow jeans and other garments that, when the ends of the bone system and eventually it becomes bone.

Narrow pelvis early diagnosis allows for pre-judged by the difficulties that may come before the mother’s pregnancy and the possibility of later date in accordance with the necessary measures to be taken to alleviate the situation.

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Shower, bath and sauna during pregnancy
Is it safe during pregnancy and can be warm baths and showers.

fdg 11 weeks pregnantIn general, the fruit of the body needs to maintain a certain temperature. Studies have shown that if the development of the fetus in the mother’s body temperature is critical perideb raised a few degrees above normal, and is maintained for a few minutes, could endanger the fetus. So the risk is not worth it. However, within the normal range (for a reasonable time and the water temperature is normal) in the shower, bath and sauna is also possible.

Previously it was thought that a shower and a pregnant woman was dangerous to swim because of the contaminated water, which contained a variety of microbes, could easily get into the vagina and cause damage to the child.

Now, it is estimated that this is just guesswork, and the fact that the water may be also in the vagina, cervix dense cap provides access to the child without any germs.

At the end of the day, a warm bath or shower for the future mother is very pleasant and not worth it for a waiver, only within the normal range. Necessary to moderate the temperature of water bath and the duration of the restriction.

The shower can be dangerous if the water temperature is too high. Hot water and overheating, in any form, is harmful for pregnant.

In addition, care should be taken that the period of late pregnancy, lack of flexibility in the future, not the reins of her leg and did not fall.

As for taking bath, the main danger which threatens the future of the mother, is in hot water again and again. Very hot water, elevated blood pressure, may lead to miscarriage and preterm delivery, especially in the first months of pregnancy.

Water optimal temperature is 36-37 degrees, it is estimated that children are harmful to the mother’s body temperature is 39 degrees higher, studies have shown that pregnant women can stay in the bathroom for no more than 15 minutes, when the water temperature is not more than 39 degrees, in this case, the future mother the body temperature does not rise to dangerous limits.

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Bath will be at the bottom of a small, special carpet deposition to the slippery surface of the prospective mother have slipped away.

Fragrant additives can be used, which improves the mood and the fragrance of the skin.

But categorically forbidden bath basil, rosemary, cypress, cedar, patchouli, savory oils.

Shower, bath and sauna during pregnancy within normal limits permitted in the sauna, if it is the future mothers delight, the hot bath and sauna mgheba 15-minute intervals in the presence of 10-minute intervals, the temperature should not exceed 38 degrees.

After a short and frequent bath is safer than being in the water for a long time.

Posture, when a large part of the body is located above the water surface, also reduces the risk of overheating.

It is good, if I would say a few words about solarium. Unfortunately, so far, science has no exact data on how the growing fetus by the mother’s tanning procedures.

Therefore, this issue than there is even a certain amount of data, it is better to refrain from tanning during pregnancy.

Teeth Care

cvbcb 11 weeks pregnant

During pregnancy should focus their attention on the teeth and do not forget to visit the dentist.

Tell him that you are pregnant. If dental treatment is necessary, try to keep as far as possible to postpone it for at least 12 weeks. Of course the exception is the case when you have intruded infection and treatment can not be postponed.

Treat anesthesia during dental treatment caution. Avoid general anesthesia, if it is necessary, make sure he wears anasteziologi experienced, who knows that you are pregnant and takes special care of its own affairs.

If you require antibiotics and analgesic medications, consult your doctor – gynecologist, who will advise you on how acceptable and allowed for these medicines.

Pregnancy hormones are generated based on your gums become more sensitive, and sometimes bleeding gums may have a place, but do not worry it will soon pass, just Mouthwash regularly rinse the mouth and cleanse the teeth.

. So do not forget that during pregnancy should pay special attention to teeth Otherwise a small problem may turn into a big problem and badly affect not only you, but also the future of the child.

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Pregnancy and ultrasound examinations

11kvira 4 11 weeks pregnantUltrasound examination of pregnant – is one of the most highly effective, safe and common method, however, specialists opinion as to when and to what extent it is possible to be used ultrasound for all pregnant, are different.

Nevertheless, it is still all agree that ultrasound examination is completely safe, which in many cases can be prevented or detected allows various types of abnormalities that accompany pregnancy.

It can be used in the following ways, a woman with child, who is lying in state in the present, and down to the navel above the uterus, stomach tsausmeven special gel (better contact for the purpose), then set upon radiation (applicator) in the same place and move their abdomen and pelvis is a circular area. Applicator from the ultrasound waves pass these bodies, is reflected back and returns to the applicator.

The body’s various tissues, ultrasound signals to reflect a variety of ways, which allows them to distinguish.

Ultrasound examination – It is possible to fix the movement of the fetus and its organs, such as fetal heart rate (5-6 weeks of pregnancy I). In general, the ultrasound examination is possible and I are addressing – 3 weeks. However, it is individual and it is up to the doctor – a gynecologist.

Ultrasound examination – Appointment can be made for the following reasons:

• timely detection of pregnancy;11kvira 5 11 weeks pregnant

• embryo or fetus, the size and speed of growth of the Union;

• Two or more fetal detection;

• fetus in a pregnant belly and pelvic examination to determine pregnancy period;

• Establishment of Down syndrome;

• Establishment of fetal anomalies, such as hydrocephalus and microcephaly;

• anomalies of pregnant bodies, eg kidneys and bladder;

• Change in the number of amniotic fluid, which is necessary for normal development of the fetus;

• the location of the placenta, the size and quality of the development;

• placental anomalies are identified;

• uterine anomalies or cancer detection;

• IUD in the womb or in the placenta after childbirth;

• ectopic pregnancy detection;

• amniotsentezis case (mem- branes bladder function) Needle Insertion amniotic fluid in order to obtain a better selection.

• etc

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Examination before leaving, must keep in mind that the bladder has to be filled

Located below the uterus and bladder, so if it is empty, the womb “see” complicated, because it is located in the vicinity of the pelvic bones, which prevents ultrasonic equipment to complete the examination of the uterus.

When the bladder is full, he pulls the uterus and the pelvic bones above his sight, and therefore a better examination of the possible.

Uterine ultrasound is used in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus and placenta to better view. Applicator moves over the womb, the fetus takes place along the internal investigation, the case of the bladder on the contrary, will not be filled.

Ultrasound examination can determine the sex of the child, if the sexual characteristics of the fetus germ already developed, while the fruit itself, in such a condition that it can be genital views.

A small percentage, but there is still a risk that errors occur at the time of the baby’s gender.

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Future baby

During this period, the fetus is growing very fast, its mass of 7-8 grams within a length of 11kvira 1 11 weeks pregnantapproximately 50-55 mm.

Most of the structures in the brain is developing, which is why, in this period to the fastest growing and the size of the fetus is about half.

Fetal neck is lengthened, strengthened and developed. The backbone of a more fixed, so the product has been able to move the chin, his slightest movements.

This period of his dabbling in the intestines, active motility and peristaltic movement.

Kidneys are beginning to work, because the fetus has learned to swallow the amniotic fluid and the necessary water and salt balance maotsesrigos

Fingers have been observed in brackets. Total becomes clearer outlines of genitalia, though its formation and masculine or feminine body just three weeks after the conversion.

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