10 weeks pregnant

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10 weeks pregnant

Future mother

At this moment, everything went its way, may slightly increase

Abdomen (although it is individual), increase breast, more often may want to sit down, or lying down, but the movement is necessary, but not every physical activity.

Very useful if you switch on the agenda and a walk on a daily basis

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Diet during pregnancy
During pregnancy, weight loss, diet is not recommended, you have to consistently gain 10 weeks pregnantweight. If there has been an increase, this may cause damage to the fetus. Your doctor for weight gain – a sign of normal development of the fetus.

Usually, women during pregnancy weight gain of 12 to 16 kg, so you get used to the idea that the first 20 weeks, you recover about 5 kg, and then every week for up to 500 g. However, some women lose weight in the first week of increases.

Pregnancy is not the time when it is possible to carry out various experiments and calorie restriction diet. However, this does not mean that you can eat what you want and as much as you want.

Try a full-fledged food intake adjusted to fit physical activity, could clarify their own food, although you have been taking food for two people, but it is reasonable to do.

How is the extra weight of a pregnant woman

10 weeks pregnantChanges in the body – the uterus, breast tissue enlargement, blood and lymph fluid volume, gives the weight of the largest increment.

Fetal life assurance, staff store nutrients for your body, it can increase the blood and lymph fluid volume.

The accumulation of fat in the body is one reason the child-milk (breast) feeding to prepare.

Below are how distributed on average, overweight pregnant women:

»» Nutrients (proteins, fats, etc.) – 3 – 4 kg

»» Uterine enlargement – 0.8 – 1 kg

»» Breast enlargement – 0.8 – 1 kg

»» Lymphatic fluid – 1.5 – 2 kg

»» Amniotic fluid – 0.5 – 1 kg

»» The placenta (tissue that connects the child with his mother, and provides the necessary nutrients to the stsotskhlis) – 0,5-0,7 kg

»» Child – 2,5 – 3,5 kg

The danger of infection

During pregnancy, should be constantly aware of the need to avoid any risk of infection of the disease and to try to minimize such opportunities.

Avoid putting so go there, where you know you moved to a particular infection. Avoid traveling to places where there is or was any type of epidemic. You don’t contact people (especially children), if you know that they have suffered some kind of disease.

If such contacts can not prevent, will make use of the veil, which is in some danger of infection is to protect it.

If the doctor suspects that you have been infected with some kind of infection, the risk will be assessed and the need for vaccination, the effectiveness and the possible complications of pregnancy.


pregnancy calculator


If the doctor offers fetoscopy, interest in the possible risk factors. Study advantages and shortcomings. He can do so only to a qualified specialist.

Take note that this study does not take place anywhere and at the risk of miscarriages of 3 to 4% – up.

Future baby

Your small part of its development of a new, fetal period. This week it was finally established as a fruit. He has developed almost all the internal organs and systems. 10 weeks pregnantFormed blood vessels of the lungs, heart ventricles are formed.

Fetus has formed the elbow joints and elbows, feet and hands, fingers, ear shells, upper lip, teeth started to develop. Basically completed the formation of the diaphragm, abdominal and chest cavity that antsalkavebs each other.

Starting to develop the external genitals, but still look like boys and girls equally. The boy’s ovaries begin producing the hormone testosterone production, which marks the formation of the male sex organ.

The fruit is almost transparent, very comfortably placed in the bladder mem- branes, which is full of amnioturi (mem- branes) refrigerants. Mem- branes fluid bladder is about 20 ml, respectively.

Little freely swim bladder mem- branes. Because this week continue to develop noticeably muscular body, at the weekend it could have a compressed and moves the fruit, for example, if he touched the wall of the uterus, can avoid it.

Rapidly developing fetal nervous system, formed from 250 minutes to 000 new neurons. Separation occurs in all sections of the brain. All layers are formed in large hemisphere cortex.

Weighs about 4-5 grams for your next little while its length is about 27-45 mm, respectively.

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