1 weeks pregnant

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1 weeks pregnant

1 kvira 150x150 1 weeks pregnantGynecological practice in the last term of pregnancy starts from the moment of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, however, the moment of truth has not yet come. The organism is already starting to prepare for the possibility of motherhood.

Your central nervous system is actively transform the hormonal background. This is necessary in order to make your one egg (of approximately 300 to 000) for insemination.

In most cases, women do not know the exact day of birth control, but I know the last day of the menstrual onset.

Therefore, for most women, fertility (ovulation) monthly menstruation cycle mid-day can be considered, about two weeks before the next cycle starts.

The date of the pregnancy lasts 280 days, or about 40-42 weeks after the last menstrual period.

So you can also calculate the expected delivery date, if the date of the onset of bleeding adding 280 today. If you reach the same result with the onset of bleeding in the last 7 days and subtract three months, adding the date.

The calculation determines your fetus hestatsionalur or menstrual age. The calendar By watching the doctors and nurses in the period of fetal development.

Most weeks of gestation, according to counts, so much easy, convenient, and picking up a lot of confusion over again. For example, if your doctor tells you that you are 10 weeks pregnant, so the conception and delivery will start in about 8 weeks ago after 30 weeks, as the total period of 40 weeks of pregnancy.

There is also a large pregnancy calculation unit, such as trimester. Trimester pregnancy period is divided into three phases. For each phase, with a duration of 13 weeks is characterized by certain peculiarities. For example miscarriage (early termination of pregnancy) may occur mainly in the first trimester. During this period of fetal organ formation and development.

If the first trimester went well, the second trimester is mostly stable stand. And in the third trimester may eventually develop pregnancy-specific hypertension (high blood pressure), toxemia (toxins in the blood) and preklampsia (late toxicosis pregnant).

There is also a lunar calendar pregnancy calculation method. It corresponds to the phases of the moon cycle changes and is 28 today. Full-term pregnancy, which is equivalent to 280 today, the lunar cycle of 10 months.

It is necessary to know that childbirth is almost impossible to calculate the day. 90% of women give birth within a week before or a week later. This is why, consider the probable target date, the date for which to prepare.

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General recommendations:

In order to become pregnant and become a mother, keep in mind the conditions that are necessary for the normal development of the fetus:

»Try to be in good physical shape, to improve your life style, you refused to tobacco, any alcohol. Passive smoking is a terrible effects on the fetus, so avoid those places where people smoke. Gave up a hard, tiring work, as much as possible to avoid the anxiety and nervous stress.

»Try to get as less medication. Read the instructions carefully. Even seemingly harmless medications can negatively affect fetal development.

»In the most extreme necessity, and be careful not to treat X-ray examination, especially in the abdomen and pelvic area.

»Try to keep your diet balanced and varied be. Limit the cool tea, coffee, energy drinks, they are bad for the fetus.

»To avoid crowds of people, especially in the first days of pregnancy, your immune system is significantly weakened, and there are more chances of microbes and viruses were infected with the virus infection.

»Avoid contact with domestic animals. If you have a dog or a cat at home, as much as possible to avoid them in the vicinity. Toxoplasmosis is a chance to get infected. This infection is harmless to you, but fetal development can cause severe abnormalities. Therefore, if contact is necessary, use rubber gloves.

»Remember that your pregnancy individual and unique phenomenon in the first minute. So definitely call her gynecologist and were under the control of the entire pregnancy period. Do not take a single step without which you are not sure, or you may be sure, but wrong.

»Always felt a huge responsibility towards themselves and your future child.

It is advisable to follow the recommendations throughout the pregnancy, particularly important in the first 12 weeks.

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Future baby

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