Pregnancy test

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Nowadays the majority of women takes the ordinary pregnancy test, which is easy to use at home. Such tests are available at any drugstore with reasonable price.

How early can you take a pregnancy test

The test gives more valid results if we take it after several days from missed menstrual How early can you take a pregnancy testcycle (it’s recommended after a week from the missed menstrual cycle).also,You can do a pregnancy test is one day after your period is due.

To get more proper results it’s recommended to take the test in the morning.
Sometimes the test shows pregnancy before the missed menstrual cycle, i.e. several days before ladies critical days. The process is predictable in women experienced early hormonal evaluation and the women, who used highly-sensitive test.

How to use pregnancy test

 How to use pregnancy test

Taking the pregnancy test includes the following – after unfold the package, the stick should be put into morning urine till midstream, wait for several seconds (see the amount of seconds in the test instruction), take it up, put in horizontal position and wait for the results for several minutes (the amount of minutes is also mentioned in the instruction).

Am I pregnant
If one red (or blue) line occurs you are not pregnant; if two red (or blue) lines occur the test result is positive.
It should be mentioned that in spite of test producers’ estimation that the test result is 99% correct, there is still the possibility of showing incorrect positive or negative results. More frequent is the incorrect negative results/answers of the test.
         Why a pregnancy test can be wrong?– there is not one particular answer, but the several possible reasons: So, Am I pregnant? , I have first signs of pregnancy and Test is negative?  see reasons:

Low-grade or overdue test: it’s better to buy high-grade pregnancy test; check the functional data carefully.
Wrong usage of the test: it’s not morning’s urine; the cup your urine is in is not clean, etc.
Time relevancy of test taking: for example, taking the test after one day from missed menstrual cycle decreases validity of the test, it’s better to wait for at least a week.
There can also be other reasons: medications; losing a child; ectopic pregnancy; too much amniotic fluid;wrong interpretation.

How effective are pregnancy tests?
  How can be

false positive pregnancy test False negative pregnancy test or

false negative pregnancy  test     False positive pregnancy test

results of pregnancy test avoided? So why  can  Invalid pregnancy test?

In order to avoid the wrong results and disappointment after pregnancy test we need to Am I pregnantfollow the test instructions properly.
Furthermore, it’s necessary to take account the following advice:
 Try the several different kinds of pregnant test;
 Take the test again after 2-3 days;
 Take a blood test on chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in parallel with pregnancy test (with internals of 2-3days).


how soon can you take a pregnancy test?

You can try again 3-4 days later, because hCG continues to rise in the first weeks of your pregnancy, rising every 48 – 72 hours
if think you are pregnant?  use free pregnancy test calculator  and Get information when your baby will be born.

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