Pregnancy and Winter

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Pregnancy and Winter

pregnancy and winterSome part of pregnant women is  afraid of winter. In fact, after protective measures winter can’t make any problems of pregnant women, just the opposite _ the fresh  air of winter is useful for them.

first and important fact for pregnant women is  to  protect themselves   from- flu. It’s known fact that there are different  types of  viral infection in winter period.. It maybe causes problems of  pregnant women and fetus too.
In the pregnant women Grippe complications risk is 4-5 times higher   then other women. Though, if pregnant women look after  herself at times, Grippe will be easy.

In the pregnant Grippe viral prevention it   depends on  circumstances, where she is, especially  important her family. Each family member (especially husband)  must try not to infect pregnant.

Because of physiological  processes  of  pregnant women’s organism, she is very sensitive about infections –  her  immune system doesn’t resist different virus.

The grippe virus as well as for pregnant woman is some risk of  a fetus too. Grippe complication may be cause premature birth, premature stopping of pregnancy, braking of a fetus grow.
It’s attention to the fact, that the grippe often is followed by high temperature, so it is an extra danger for fetus growth.

The grippe is dangerous during   phase of pregnancy, especially  first Trimester Of Pregnancy, when from one side, in woman’s organism  current different  changes happens. on the other hand, it has on effect fetuses vital.
Self-defence  is the most important mission for pregnant. How does pregnant protect herself from this situation?
We give some advices to  the

pregnant women

as well as  their family member:
1.Often wash hands, especially after coughing and sneezing. During coughing and pregnancy and wintersneezing  to use a handkerchief  and after  throw it.
2. It is not permitted to put  on thin clothes, the clothes  should be chosen modality, isn’t useful very packed.
3. don’t touch eyes, nose, mouth by hand. Virus can be spreading in this way.

4. Don’t stay  in public areas, use a veil during being there.

5. Don’t  contact with an ill person.

6. if a husband or family member have grippe, it’s necessary for them to wear a veil. during time a husband has to stop himself from  all kinds of contact.  Including to sleep in  the common room. active. healthily.

9. sleep during enough time.

10. it is necessary to maintain of moderate and constant temperature at home, at least  once a day the apartment should be ventilated, during from time pregnant should wear warm,  clothes not to feel cold.

Pregnancy and grippe11.for protection , you can use a mask, a single gloves for one time usage.

12. Don’t use you a medicine without doctor’s prescription.

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The pregnant should careful about snowy weather.  such weather clears air Itself, it has positive effect and reduces spread the risk of viruses on pregnant women. The problem is to walk on along snowy street, this time      The pregnant should  careful, in particular to:

1.      Put on a Flexible shoes without heels, the shoes must not be  glossy. Because, this times you can’t catch yourself.

2.      Don’t carry a handbag, change it with rucksack, it helps to maintain balance.

3.  walk very slowly, even if you notice that the road is not frozen.

4. In the difficult situation, don’t to shy to ask someone for help . Don’t try to move on  the such places.

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If pregnant has already fallen down, it doesn’t mean that  it will cause a problem with a fetus. The fetus is maximally protected from external effects, however, ask your doctor  to be calm.

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