Pregnancy and Teeth

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Pregnancy and Teeth

pregnancy and teethPregnancy might lead to a reduction in a woman’s immunity, so pregnant women should take care of the condition of the teeth.

At this time it is more than ever, the impact of harmful bacteria in the teeth threatening danger.

In addition to calcium in the body due to the high requirements of pregnancy caries is developing faster than normal situations.

What is dangerous during pregnancy caries

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There are several reasons why it is important to the development of dental caries can be prevented during pregnancy.

• diseased teeth caries favorable conditions for the development of infections, which may lead to a serious complication of pregnancy and jeopardize fetal development.

• current caries, pulpitis might (tooth nerve inflammation) and parodontitis  (inflammation of tissues surrounding the tooth) to lead, it was necessary to make a partial tooth, or a complete restoration. This procedure is not desirable during pregnancy.

Is it safe to anesthesia

Many are worried about the future mother of anesthesia during dental treatment.

There are safer anesthetics (anesthetic) – Ultracaine and Ubistezine.

These drugs effectively Calms pain and is absolutely safe for the child’s future.

Sealing of the toothpaste is safe during pregnancy (filling).

Dentist appointment

Unfortunately not all of the expectant mother can be proud of the healthy teeth.

If you can not pick your teeth treated before pregnancy (which is the preferred and recommended), try to make it the first or second trimester.

Preferably, if the dentist during pregnancy counseling services and prevention plan to visit once every three months. This will help you maintain healthy teeth and healthy in

Dental X-ray
Pregnant refrain from x-ray examinations during pregnancy, especially in the first period.

If the X-ray film is still necessary, tell your dentist that you are pregnant and find a way out of it, namely the conduct Radiovisography.

Radiovisography apparatus survey contains a minimal risk of radiation radiologic survey.

If viziograpia computer is not available, then the dentist will use a special protective ekarans (partuks), in order to minimize the risk of radiation.


There are teeth whitening procedures, during which the dentist, teeth plaque removal is provided by means of a special gel.

Whitening gels are safe and elixir as pregnant, the mother and the fetus.

Remember that rather than sit in the dental chair, to tell your doctor that you are pregnant.

In this case, it does not use your teeth to launder ultrasonic method, which is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Calcium intake
Calcium is very important and it is necessary for your body throughout the pregnancy period.

So your diet should be sufficient amount of milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese and other products kaltsiumisshemtsveli.

If you have been taking prescription multivitaminur supplements for pregnant, find out with your doctor, to get the extra calcium.

Dental Hygiene
Oral Hygiene, one of the main factors in maintaining healthy teeth.

It is necessary to clean the teeth of a mimimum of 2 times a day, but it is recommended Brushing your teeth and cavities (gel, mouthwash), after eating, so do not leave food residues between the teeth (tooth thread).

It is recommended to replace the toothbrush at least every three months.

If you follow all this, your teeth will always be able to keep in shape with a charming smile like us.

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