Signs of pregnancy

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early signs of pregnancyThere are given the most common very early signs of pregnancy prediction. In time they prevent you from the dangerous risk factors, which may have harmful influence over the process.

For example: stop taking certain bills (that were taken before) and try to avoid bad habits (alcohol, tobacco), that can harm your unborn baby.

Missed Menstrual Period–first sign of pregnancy

very early signs of pregnancyA missed menstrual period is most often first and reliable sign of pregnancy. Although, you should know, that this sign can be valid only for the women, that usually have the regular menstrual cycle.

In addition to this, you should take into account that missed menstrual period isn’t always caused by the pregnancy, there can be many different factors: hormonal imbalance, inflammatory disease, infections, etc.

Sometimes bleeding may happen during pregnancy, but it’s not a norm and in this case you need to visit your doctor- gynecologist for consulting.

Appetite and Taste Changes  (One of the

early  signs of pregnancy

appetite in women is regarded as the first trimester sign of pregnancy. This can be cause First signs of pregnancyby the several factors, for instance,
the fact that there is the new creation in woman’s body and it  signs of pregnancyneeds more.


But more valid reason of increased appetite is that pregnant women need to take considerable amount of vitamins and mineral supplements that are useful for their fetus.

Early toxicosis during pregnancy causes a loss of appetite instead. In this period women have difficulties of taking any types of food and during this period they have zero appetite.

Nausea and Morning Sickness  (One of the very early signs of pregnancy)

very early signs of pregnancyOne of the previous symptoms of pregnancy is nausea and morning sickness, as the name tells, it’s more frequent in the morning. It usually takes place in the early months of pregnancy and it’s called as toxicosis.

In this period the organism of embryo is extremely weak, sensible and unable to take control over the toxicosis, which is included in the specific food.

Mood Swings  (One of the

early signs of pregnancy

Changes connected with the nervous system if often the
signs of pregnancy
For example, in this period the women feel more depressed and anxious; they have the quick changes in mood, frequent wish of crying, also some of them have depression andFirst signs of pregnancy

sleep tendency. These are most common pregnancy symptoms.

In particular cases the pregnant women find self-control very difficult and though it’s not necessary, because in fact these factors are absolutely normal during pregnancy. This process ends soon with the help and support of your family members.

Changes in Mammary Glands  (One of the– early signs of pregnancy)

The absolute majority of pregnant women feel the changes into mammary glands at the first trimester of pregnancy, which can be expressed by growing and stretching the breasts, increasing sensibility and constant pains.

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But it must be mentioned, that this is not the authentic very early signs of pregnancy
, the same symptoms can also occur during the menstrual cycle.