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Christmas and Pregnancy

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5 Ways To Enjoy Christmas and 5 Things That Suck When You’re Pregnant At Christmas

Welcome to your pregnant Christmas
It’s the most beautiful time of the year – more nice if you’re pregnant. Just think, the sweaty season is well and indeed gone and you can embrace bump friendly knits and good old Uggs.
. Instead of thinking about what’s off the menu, give your festive period a make over with these mum-to-be tweaks.
1. What you can eat when you’re pregnant at Christmas
Yes, you may want to skip too much fizzing and that Brie at your Christmas party, but that doesn’t mean glumly hitting the OJ and crisps .Hunt down some delicious elderflower cordial and shotgun the vegetarian canapés or ones where the meat is cooked, through.
2. Make changes to your social life
Last year’s festive get together with the girls may’ve happened over too much wine, whisky. so if you don’t have the energy to hit dance floors in the same way, suggest something dissimilar.
Think a dinner party, exhibition, Christmas market trip, Sunday roast or even a cooking class where you get to enjoy your efforts after.
3.Start off your new traditions
Next Christmas, you’ll have a your baby but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to begin some your family traditions.
Whether it’s buying a new decoration, watching a nice film on Christmas Eve or driving round to check out the local competition in house lights, mark the season with something new.
4.Be shopping smart
What better excuse have you got to sit in Costa with a cake while your partner takes directions on food and gift shopping?
Better still, head online –the most supermarkets have opened their festive delivery slots already and they get snapped up very quickly, so go go go.
5.Channel those emotions
‘Tis the season for some seriously soppy TV and films – we’re already bracing ourselves for the Downton Abbey Christmas special.

Christmas is probably one of the best times of the year. The festive season puts most people in a pretty good mood about their impending holidays. It has to be said though, Christmas just isn’t the same when you’re pregnant. The best news is that next Christmas will be better as you celebrate your first Christmas with your new baby, excitedly starting family traditions that will become a nice part of your baby’s childhood. Until then though, Christmas will suck, here’s why:

1: You’ll Be abstinent At The Christmas Party
Christmas parties are notoriously tanked affairs. While your coworkers down tequila shots, make out with each other and photocopy their butts, you’ll be abstinent.. Whilst everyone around you gets merry and lets their hair down, you’ll be worrying about your tumid ankles and trying your hardest to stay awake. You’ll be abstinent. enough to remember that your boss sang the Titanic theme song on karaoke, that Dave from accounting made out with Sandra from sales, and that it was Chris from reception who puked all over the table. In short, it won’t be a very fun night.
2: Morning Sickness

If you’re in the early stages of pregnancy or one of the unfortunate women suffering from everlasting nausea, Christmas dinner just isn’t going to be the same. As the house fills with the smells of Christmas dinner, you’ll be racing to the bathroom to dry heave. There’s a very real risk that you’ll see Christmas dinner in reverse, and that’s sure to create a lasting memory that will haunt you for years to come. Nobody wants to eat prudent biscuits for Christmas dinner, but this year you might have to
3: You’ll Need Plenty Of Excuses
If you’re in the early stages of pregnancy, you might not have shared your best news with the world just yet. If you’re hoping to keep the your pregnancy secret until after your scan, you’ll need a list of excuses you can whip out when friends ask why you’re not drinking. You might notice people keeping distance from you after you explain that you still have a urinary tract infection and can’t have any wine. Keeping a pregnancy secret isn’t ever easy, but it’s especially during the festive season when everyone is drunk up to their eyeballs.
4: People Will Buy Gifts For The Future Baby
The future baby isn’t even here yet and already you’ve been booted to second place. A lot of the presents you receive this year will be for the your baby. You’ll be writing insincere thank you notes for Nipple Line cream, tiny booties and small toys. These gifts won’t be additional; they’ll replace the presents people would usually buy for you. So don’t for waiting to get much in the way of make-up, books and others this year. You’re a mama-to-be now and will be receiving gifts severally.
5 You Won’t Get Gifts You Can Use Now
The more gifts people do buy for you will be things for ‘after the baby is born’. You should expect to receive plenty of alcohol you can’t drink, nice clothes you won’t fit into and promises of fun nights out you can’t care for a few more months

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