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Physical exercise during pregnancy

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 Living an active life are becoming more and more popular. So women, who are accustomed to an active life, it is important, how can The same life here during pregnancy.

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Physical activity during pregnancy is a very big. It has a positive effect on the fetus, but do not forget that pregnancy is a very special situation and has its specific moments:

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  1. All sports are not advisable during pregnancy, some of the categorical prohibited. This refers to a potentially traumatic sports – mountain climbing, diving, skiing, arts, riding, bikes. Team games – football, basketball, volleyball More time should be delayed. Pregnancy also is not the best time for professional sports competitions,
  2. The more important thing – physical displacement load to be dosed.

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In the first few words of factors: the ongoing pregnancy complications, physical activity should be limited and sometimes very greatly. Complications of severe chronic diseases: diabetes, rheumatism, heart disease, thyroid disease parsiebri, coronary artery obstetrician-gynecologist daavadebebi.samkurnalo physical measurement takes place at this time and physical rehabilitation specialists.

Another typical feature of pregnancy, which restricts physical activity, obstetric complications – the risk of abortion, uterine anatomical abnormalities, and so forth. So pregnant supervise the doctor has an important role in determining the amount of physical activity

Now to talk about the other ones are – how trainees were before pregnancy. If you were trainees are women, can afford such physical activity, which is very much for the average woman. For example, Master of Sports of the slow pace of the 3-km mileage allowed. If your pulse after us 5 minutes after 100 d / min below have arrived, the load must be considered excessive and should be reduced in intensity. At the same time we need to normalize blood pressure. Intense physical activity for more than 15 minutes in any case should not be. Intensified be burdened by the load when purlsis frequency 150 and more. It is better to have more time to spend on heating. Exercises in no case should not last more than 1.5 hours.

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And if you cross the last 5-6 years ago run, reading and watching TV a while free, this means that in the new world of the Olympics. Physical activity is not only useful for you, but also necessary, but in this case it is very important to select the correct dose of physical activity and specificity.

shutterstock 155520983 300x224 Physical exercise during pregnancyBeginners will prefer the physical exercise: aerobics, relaxation, and kegelis kalistineksi exercises. Each of them can write a separate article, but now I say that aerobics and improve fetal oxygen supply kalistineksi, relaxation exercises and kegelis trained respiratory muscles and the pelvis. You can do this with some kind of combination of exercises, all of the exercise should be tested individually with an instructor.

We would like to draw your attention to a few key moments, to be safe exercise for you and the fetus:

Start with a visit to the doctor for a physical activity plan. General conditions, obstetric history, to the exclusion of chronic diseases, pregnancy predict further progress will determine your physical activity motsulabas. You should see a gynecologist and a therapist. If the green light from the doctors, then:

Everybody has to start there, at full capacity. You do not even need to establish a record, but the practical benefits you get from these exercises. The initial stage of the exercise 20-30 minutes a day. Over time, the duration of the exercise can go up to 1 hour. Not tired. If you feel weak and wrestle with lying to yourself after exercise, the load is inadequate. Monitor the pulse (above)

The main part of the exercise is to warm up. Warm-up should be done slowly. If you start training full time, a great risk that the injury.

Pay attention to the exercise costumes and shoes, how convenient. Use of synthetic drugs are tightened. Use a cotton sports clothes.

Caution and careful – the main motto of the pregnancy. Remember that during the second half of the coordination is no longer as it was before pregnancy. Limit the exercises, which can lose your balance and fell. The exercise, there should be neither too strong, nor the slippery floor. Preferably in a training exercise in the fresh air or a dry run on the grass field (of packed sand type)

Always carefully look at yourself, if you suffer from headaches after exercise, dizziness, or have bloody discharge, contact your doctor immediately. Consultation of the arrival of any indisposition could be, especially if it is YOU feel incensed.

Ppregnant exercise 300x109 Physical exercise during pregnancy

Note, too, that the exercise, the building is well ventilated. Not warm and stuffy building practice. Do not exercise outside in the heat. In hot and humid weather is deteriorating sitbotsvla environment, so the danger of overheating during exercise there, which is dangerous to the fetus

Call the instructor, or at least acquire some physical exercise guidelines for pregnant women. If you have the opportunity to go in a group of pregnant women in training, “colleagues” relationships to stress. Most importantly, you will be monitored by an experienced instructor.

You should know that a complete physical inactivity during pregnancy is an important risk factor for adverse events such as birth trauma, oxygen chronic lack of the fetus, so if you can not “scientifically justified” levels of training, the search for its equivalents – walk to walk, swim in clean water bodies, exercise so that does not get tired – Because you do not become worse.

The third main condition for physical activity during pregnancy affects the mood, the pregnancy period. You do not need a detailed explanation to the third trimester of this activity should be reduced. Significantly increased the fruit’s ability to restrict your movement, you quickly tire. That’s why pregnant women are automatically moved to a regime that is acceptable for them.

You must remember that the 32 weeks, if the practices continue, the fetal monitor activities before and after exercise. If the fetus is reduced activity after exercise, it is necessary to reduce the load and see a doctor.

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Myths about pregnancy

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Myths about pregnancy

pregnancy calculatorThe first sexual act can not be pregnant

The first sexual act be pregnant, if you don’t  use birth control, pregnancy any time of the sexual act.

So the first sexual intercourse is not an exception.

Can’t becoming pregnant if possible sexual act standing authenticate
Sexual intercourse posture is of no consequence.

There is always the risk of become pregnant, if you have not been used contraceptives.
If you use contraception pill pregnancy impossible

Someone’s birth control tablets is not a guarantee that no pregnant.

In any case it is not advisable for another person to use drugs.
Can not be pregnant during the menstrual cycle
May be that a woman can become pregnant in any given day.

But in the middle of the menstrual period is less chance of become pregnant.
Can not be pregnant, if men till orgasm to stop sexual act
Pregnancy seed  could happen before the end, so that, without using contraception drugs, there is always a risk to become pregnant.

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Pregnancy is not possible, if simultaneously wear two condoms
You can not apply two condoms do, because each of the resulting friction can be torn in pregnancy calculatortwo.

Using two condoms at the same time does not mean that pregnancy is a double self-defense, on the contrary, this increases the damage of condoms, according to the risk to become pregnant.

Menstruation cycle retention – a sure symptom of pregnancy

Stress, anxiety and many other factors can become any woman’s menstrual abnormalities.

So that the cycle of violation (exceeded) does not mean that it is pregnant. In such cases,

the most accurate way to conduct a pregnancy test.

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After abortion  the pregnancy is less chance
After abortion  the pregnancy is less chance is myth. abortion can be carried out

How to use pregnancy test
How to use pregnancy test

successfully further reduce the chance of pregnancy.

On the contrary, abortion can lead to further complications, such as: – bleeding, infection, organ damage, which may cause problems during the birth.

However, such a risk is less chance, especially if abortion is done early in the pregnancy period.

Can not be pregnant (the child after birth), would not be renewed until the menstrual cycle

A woman who has just given birth, could become pregnant, even if you still do not have a menstrual cycle and breast-feeding renewed.

So if you want to avoid becoming pregnant during this period, you must apply to rights that can be used in a regular situation.
Menopausal neared the declining birth rate

Myths about pregnancy for women who neared Menopause could become pregnant, even if their menstrual cycle is irregular, or become rare.

So, to prevent unwanted pregnancy, it is desirable to use the necessary means of birth control, the last before the end of the cycle.

This way you will avoid any kind of accident and will be absolutely safe.

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